Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Population of Lagos is Now More Than 21, 300, 000

Lagos’ Resilience Challenge

This bustling megacity must cope with rising sea levels and coastal erosion that threaten to undermine its growth.

Lagos has over 21 million inhabitants and is the cultural and economic heart of Nigeria. With financial, commercial, and tourist centers located on islands in the Gulf of Guinea, Lagos is especially susceptible to damage from rising sea levels and coastal erosion, which have already led to a decline in water quality, the destruction of drainage infrastructure, and an increase in incidences of water and vector borne disease. Coastal erosion has also hurt indigenous communities that depend on coastal resources for survival.

Coastal flooding from storm surges has forced the relocation of resorts, businesses, and artisans from the popular tourist destination of Victoria Island. Recent initiatives involving private sector partners have already led to the reclamation of some coastline on the island, providing a model for future efforts to protect Lagos’ vulnerable shores.

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