Friday, July 22, 2016

Nigerian Nnimmo Bassey and Others Call On World Bank President Kim To Step Down

Nigerian Nnimmo Bassey and Others Call On World Bank President Kim To Step Down

WASHINGTON, July 22, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Nearly sixty inflamed leaders from environmental and human rights organizations, including Foundation Earth, called on World Bank President Jim Yong Kim to resign and not seek a second term. They state that the world and the World Bank needs new leadership.

For the past four years of his five-year term President Kim has failed to lead, instead proceeding with problematic large projects that paradoxically will increase poverty rather than reduce or eliminate it. World Bank projects are contributing to the 6th Great Extinction.
NNIMMO BASSEY, Earth Rights International (Nigeria): President Kim has continued with the types of projects that harm people and ruin the environment they depend on for their survival.

Claiming to strengthen social and environmental safeguard policies, Kim is actually leading the way in undermining common sense safety. The World Bank still refuses to enact a gender safeguard. The consequences of Kim's presidency are continued human rights abuse and environmental destruction. Kim's "leadership" is forcibly uprooting people from their ancestral land and homes, swelling the ranks of the ecological refugees.

ROBERTO BISSIO Executive Director, Instituto del Tercero Mundo; Third World Institute (Uruguay): The World Bank pays little attention to small scale solar and wind projects that could truly help the rural poor.

President Kim's program of mega-dams, mining, and coal is making our precious life-giving planet less resilient. Kim's banking practices leads to climate destabilization.

SOURCE Foundation Earth

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