Sunday, November 22, 2015

Nigerian Young Parliamentarians Form A National Group

The Nigeria chapter will work to empower young MPs and boost youth participation in democracy.  
Nigerian Young Parliamentarians Form A National Group

BRUSSELS, 19 November 2015 / PRN Africa / - The Forum IPU young parliamentarians inspired the creation of parliamentary groups of young people in national parliaments. A Nigerian group was established within the Forum on the initiative of the Presidents of Parliament and the Parliamentary Raphael Igbokwe Council member of the IPU Forum. The training aims to increase the participation of young people in political life, giving young parliamentarians the means to act and to guarantee in Parliament the presence of a group of influence youth-led and dealing with matters of interest to the youth. The IPU works to bring young people into the fold of formal democratic processes, both young parliamentarians supporting and promoting youth participation in political and electoral processes. In 2014, only 1.7% of parliamentarians worldwide were under 30 years. The IPU is convinced that the under-representation of youth and sub-commitment are a threat to democracy and a loss of critical contribution to public life.

SOURCE Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU)  

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