Sunday, November 15, 2015

Dear Nollywood, Before Your Next Movie, Consult A Media Planning Director

90% of Nollywood movies bomb, because both the executive producers and producers either don't have a media plan or are clueless about a media plan for promoting and marketing their movies. Making noise about a movie does not mean you have a media plan. And I see more of opportunism than pragmatism in Nollywood.

After two major films financed by the NEXIM Bank and Bank of Industry bombed (flopped) woefully and left the executive producers in debt, the banks have not reviewed the reasons why their films failed and they preferred to live in denial. All they know about is asking for collateral and it is business as usual in Nollywood. Again, those they are engaging as film distributors have also failed to perform.

Now, they give you a loan to make a movie and then pass on the movie to the distributor and exhibitor they also gave loans to set up distribution and exhibition platforms and none of them has a Media Planning Director. Any film without a media plan will fail whether in Hollywood, Bollywood or Nollywood. And I have never seen any film production in Nollywood with a media plan. Their best knowledge of a media plan is to print posters and look for wherever to paste them on the street, publish some news on the movies in some columns in newspapers, spam Facebook and other free to use social network websites. End of story. And then sit back and expect box office hits and smiling to the banks only for the pirates to pounce on their movies and show them How To Market Movies 101.

Another bank has come forward on film finance for Nollywood without any media plan or even research on why previous movies financed with bank loans failed and left the executive producers in debt.
They heard that "30 Days in Atlanta" made more than US$500, 000 at the cinemas in Nigeria and someone is actually bragging about that when the executive producers are not celebrating.
Has anyone found out how much they spent on making the movie?

Nollywood has not even thought of Film Merchandise that is a multi-billion dollar money spinner in the film industry.
Walt Disney's "Frozen" made with a budget of US$150 million made more than U$1.274 billion from the box office worldwide. But guess how much it made from film merchandise. "Frozen made a whopping US$5.3 billion from the sales of the toys, T-Shirts and other gift items.
Walt Disney's "Cars" that made only US$462 million from the box office went on to make US$10 billion from film merchandise and the biggest of them all, "Star Wars" franchise has made US$12 billion from film merchandise so far. The multiple award winning best family movie in Nollywood Champions of Our Time would have made millions of naira from the film merchandise of the T-Shirts, Face-caps, mugs, etc.

When NOLLYWOOD MIRROR® says "See The Big Picture", it is not mere hype. It is the REAL DEAL! If you cannot see the big picture, then you will only end up with the miniature of the film industry. And planning is everything and everything is planning in advertising and marketing for movies.

The recently launched Afrinolly Marketplace can make the first US$1 billion for Nollywood before the first year anniversary. How? Media planning will make all the difference.

Here are what a Media Planning Director can do for you.
Responsibilities of the Media Planning Director:
The overall objective of the role is to provide the fantastic film client with a best-in-class media agency service - conceiving & creating engaging, innovative strategy decks, & managing all areas of the Comms planning process - pulling on consumer insight, category analysis, research & reporting & managing the briefing process for both internal teams & external media owners/ suppliers/ partner agencies from inception through execution
*To understand how media strategy fits into overall marketing and advertising strategy

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~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima, Publisher/Editor of NOLLYWOOD MIRROR® SERIES.   
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