Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Don't Sell Your Vote To Anybody or Any Political Party in the 2015 Elections

The most desperate political candidates of the two major political parties in Nigeria are already mapping their geographical strategies on how to use political bribery to pay for Permanent Voters' Cards (PVC) of poor voters at locations where they are not the popular choices of the voters. This the method of vote rigging that will replace the outdated misleading or confusing ballot papers, ballot stuffing, misrecording of votes and multiple voting by rented crowds of voters in the 2015 elections in Nigeria.

Vote buying is an electoral fraud. And desperate political contestants have amassed billions of naira to buy as my votes as they can from N1, 000 - N5, 000 per vote. And the highest bidders may end up having more votes than the opposing contestants.

States to watch for Vote Buying are the following:
1. Abia
2. Rivers.
3. Cross River.
4. Lagos.
5. Kwara
6. Kano
7. Niger
8. Jigawa
9. Adamawa
10. Kaduna
11. Borno
12. Plateau
13. Benue
14. Ebonyi
16. Edo
17. Delta

In national elections, successful electoral fraud can have the effect of a coup d'état or corruption of democracy.

Please, pass on this message and share it as many times as you can to all eligible voters in Nigeria.
Your vote can decide your fate and the fate of the entire nation.
Only a free and fair election will give us the best democratic leaders and representatives of our constituencies for the common good of all citizens of Nigeria. So, don't sell your vote.
Your vote is not for sale.

Source: #iVoteNigeria, a Voluntary Pro-Democracy Campaign To Promote Free and Fair Election and expose electoral malpractices by word of mouth mass communication using GSM phones and tablets, emails and social network sites to exchange messages with all the GSM users in Nigeria. Pass on the message on social network sites as you see this message - See more at:

#iVoteNigeria is the Nigerian chapter of the global #iVote Popular Democracy Campaign for the advocacy and promotion of democracy in every country in the world.

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