Monday, December 8, 2014

An Open Letter To Reno Omokri, Special Assistant To President Goodluck Jonathan on New Media

 Photo: Reno Omokri, making noise in public.

Dear Reno Omokri,

You have been making more noise than sense on the so called "achievements" of your so called "Philosopher King" President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria and I have responded publicly and personally and I want you to respond to the following as much as you can.
Making the loudest noise does not mean you are making sense or you are wise.

You don't need brains to award billion dollar contracts with over invoicing and make millions of dollars from the kickbacks from roads to airports. And after spending billions of naira on the renovations of the airports they still remain among the worst in Africa. Lest you forget, charity begins at home, and I am from the Niger Delta and going by road to Yenagoa from Port Harcourt is like going from Victoria Island to Ajegunle in Lagos. Bayelsa state remains underdeveloped in spite of the over 170 billion naira annual revenue allocation from Abuja. President Goodluck Jonathan was there as deputy governor and governor and what did he achieve? He was disgracing us as the partner in crime with his boss, former Governor Diepreye Alamieyeseigha who is still a wanted criminal in the UK and President Goodluck Jonathan pardoned him and gave him a big appointment. What President Jonathan has not done for all the lesser criminals in Nigeria. If you must pardon one criminal, then you must pardon all criminals in fear of God who is not a respecter of persons.
How many prisoners has President Jonathan pardoned?

Bayelsa does not even have an airstrip or a single world class hotel. But visit Rivers state, Cross River state, Akwa Ibom state and Delta state and see how the governors have transformed their states, but Bayelsa state of President Goodluck Jonathan remains the most underdeveloped state in the Niger Delta. A shameful evidence of the failures of the governors since 1999 to date. Thanks to former President Oluṣẹgun Mathew Okikiọla Arẹmu Ọbasanjọ, GCFR, who imposed on Nigeria a man who failed to govern a small state to become the President of Nigeria. And that is iwhy Nigeria is in such a terrible mess today with a corrupt government that lacks accountability. Any government that cannot secure the lives of the citizens has failed woefully and you intellectually slow errand boys of TAN and other paid agents of President Goodluck Jonathan are here making noise over renovations of roads? Are you in primary school?
Have you not read about the "whited sepulchres", in Matthew 23:27 of the Holy Bible as exposed by our Lord and Messiah Jesus Christ?
 Pastor Reno Omokri is doing his paid job for his uncle, President Goodluck Jonathan whose wife, First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan is actually my cousin, but I don't patronize their family like the errand boys and girls licking their buttocks here and elsewhere.
You may deceive the whole world, BUT YOU CANNOT DECEIVE GOD.

The innocent blood of defenceless Nigerian children and youths who have been killed, because of the maladministration of President Goodluck Jonathan is crying for JUSTICE.
Has the government accounted for the innocent lives of the 18 jobless youths who lost their lives during the ill fated NIS recruitment interviews in March due to the incompetence of Minister of Interior, Mr. Abba Moro, who collected N1000 each from the 520, 000 applicants when he knew that there were only less than 5, 000 vacancies available? What has your divine Philosopher King President Goodluck Jonathan done on this case? Did he compensate the bereaved families of the late applicants?

Have you visited federal government universities where the female students still stool with buckets and polythene bags in their rooms, because they cannot use the horrible toilets in their hostels where there are no regular water supply and power supply after paying millions of naira in school fees, because of the incompetence of the government. Visiting Linda Ikeji when she still a student at the University of Lagos (UNILAG) was a nightmare for me, because I could not even pass by the toilets in Moremi Hall and Madam Tinubu Hall! The urine was flowing from the toilets to the corridors and the odour was horrible and that was why I politely declined to eat the food the girlfriends cooked. Do you know how many millions of naira Nigerian students have spent so far on medications for typhoid fever and diarrhea caused by contagious diseases from their unhygienic hostels on campuses of federal universities?
In US and UK, students would have sued the government for damages caused by an incompetent administration.
You cannot even take good care of the available universities and you are building new ones?

Have you toured the police and military barracks in Nigeria and see the horrible living conditions and terrible environments, because of the incompetence of the Commander-in-Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria who does not know how to command his governance of Nigeria.
Should I continue?
Please, go and read the book In the House of Dogs published by Amazon. You can read the book gratis on how Nigeria has gone to the dogs since the People's Democratic Party (PDP) came to power on May 29, 1999.

 ~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima, Publisher/Editor, Nigerians Report Online, CEO, International Digital Post Network Limited, CEO, Screen Outdoor Open Air Cinema (SOOAC), Executive Director, Screen Naija One Village, One Cinema Project; Author of Children of Heaven, Scarlet Tears of London,The Language of True Love, Bye, Bye ZimbabweIn the House of DogsThe Prophet LiedDiary of the Memory KeeperNOLLYWOOD MIRROR® Series and other books in print and electronic versions distributed by Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Lulu, Tower Books and other booksellers worldwide.  He is also the social media consultant for the Transform Nigeria Network.
He was a project artist for the Johns Hopkins University's Population Communication Services at 21, An Art/Features Editor for the successful Kiddies World magazine at 24 and a national program consultant for the UNICEF in Nigeria at 25. He was the national curator of the 1993 World AIDS Day Art Against AIDS exhibitions at the National Museum and National Arts Theater in Lagos, Nigeria. He is currently working on launching the first Nigerian owned video sharing news and entertainment website for all users of mobile phones and tablets in the world. 


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