Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Richest Man In Nollywood: From N100 To N1 Billion Within 4 Years

Jason Chukwuma Njoku, Founder of iROKO TV and iROKO Partners.

God has countless ways to answer our prayers and He can use anyone as the instrument of His awesome works, miracles and signs and wonders. And this is what He is going to do with iPost Nigeria's mobile video app to answer the unanswered prayers of thousands of movie producers and musicians in Nigeria who have been denied and deprived of eating the fruits of their labour by greedy capitalists posing and posturing as film distributors and exhibitors online and offline; who take the greater percentage of the revenues from movies and music videos.

In fact, Nigerian musicians even pay TV stations to play their music videos after spending hundreds of thousands and millions of naira to make them. But hello, power will change hands with the launch of iPost Nigeria which as you all know is the only Nigerian innovation shortlisted among the 10 finalists for the 2014 FIRE Awards, AFRINIC's flagship grants and awards programme,

It is the first Nigerian mobile video app that can be used for live streaming of news and information on the internet and both the users and visitors can rate and vote for videos. The app also allows Pay Per View of all videos for the financial benefit of the producers, providers and owners of the videos. This the bumper harvest for Nollywood.

Movie and music video producers will start earning money from views of their videos on iPost Nigeria immediately and don't have to wait until they have millions of views like on YouTube. Ordinary 1000 views on iPost will give the producer and owner of the video from N1, 000, 000 (one million naira). You can do the maths from other PPV channels on the internet.

Popular Nollywood actors and actresses like Desmond Elliot and Genevieve Nnaji who have millions of fans on Facebook and hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter and with millions of views on YouTube should be making millions of naira from their videos on the popular websites. But they are not being paid for them. The most popular online Nollywood channels for showing movies and music videos don't pay for the number of views.

They simply do cash and carry bargains with the producers and pay them off. Then they make millions of dollars from the millions of views of Nollywood movies on their websites and smile to the banks while the Nollywood producers are still struggling for the US$200 million Entertainment Intervention Fund of the Nigerian Creative and Entertainment Industry Stimulation Loan Scheme (NCEILS) from the Bank of Industry and NEXIM Bank and competing for the N3 billion grant of Project Nollywood when they should have been the ones smiling to the banks.

On iPost Nigeria, they are going to become multimillionaires, because they are going to make and keep 80% of the revenues from the millions of views of their videos. And iPost Nigeria will be their platform for regular source of multiple streams of income.
Did I say multiple streams? How?
Wait until you See the Big Picture on iPost Nigeria!

If yours truly Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima can have over 11, 200, 000 views on Google+ at the rate of over 450,000 views monthly, then imagine how many millions of views a fantastic video showing Nollywood diva Genevieve Nnaji on the red carpet will have as people pay to see what she is wearing. I bet you that there are over 10 million people with smart phones and tablets who will be willing to pay as little as N100 with their recharge cards to view one of the beauty queens of Nollywood and there are over 34 beauty queens as shown in the second edition of the NOLLYWOOD MIRROR® SERIES. Personally, I am ready to pay as much as N500 to even see the latest video on Kannywood beauty queen Nafisa Abdullahi. She is what the celebrated Nigerian hip life singer Flavour calls "Baby Oku" and she rocks Kannywood 24/7.

This is not the first time I have shared this million dollar opportunity with many of you who will receive this email, but many of the recipients thought I was jiving or it was rocket science until the good news of iPost Nigeria being shortlisted for the awesome innovation of the mobile video app cleared the doubts of every "Doubting Thomas. But not everybody is happy with the good news as we all know that you cannot please everybody and there are enemies of progress everywhere.

Those who are benefiting from the billion naira piracy of Nigerian movies and music videos and their paid agents in the local news media and their errand boys and girls on the street and on the internet are the enemies of our progress in the entertainment industry in Nigeria and they are the clogs in the wheels of the socioeconomic development of Nigeria.

The Richest Man in Nollywood
The richest man in Nollywood is not a member of the Association of Movie Producers (AMP); he is not a member of the Directors Guild of Nigeria (DGN); he is not a member of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) and he does not even own a single cinema here in Nigeria. And he does not even live in Nigeria. But he lives on the internet. He is Igbo and happily married. And Forbes knows the man I am talking about.
Jason Njoku had less than N100 in his account four years ago in 2010 and today he is making millions of dollars every year from iROKO TV!

“My wife persuaded me to do a little spring cleaning this weekend. As I was going through my things, I came across this old account statement for an iROKO Partners Ltd bank account in London. If you look at the date its 13 July 2010. The statement is for June 2010. That’s right. £60.25 paid in. £60.00 (my feeding money) paid out. And an ending balance of £0.25. That’s right folks. I literally had £0.25 in my account that’s $0.42 or N63," said Jason Njoku.. And four years later the account is estimated to be $30 million!
"I am Jason Chukwuma Njoku, Founder of iROKO. ... focused on the future, because that's the only way I can get to $100M in net worth by 2020."

But who will be the next richest man in Nollywood? And who will be the richest woman in Nollywood?

iPost Nigeria, Nollywood Digital, NOLLYWOOD MIRROR® SERIES and my Q1 brand of Android Tablet PC are going to make more money than even all the cinema chains in Nigeria in the coming years, including my IMAX and Screen Naija projects.

Being shortlisted for the FIRE Awards is the divine favour of God to give iPost Nigeria free international publicity and winning the award will increase the popularity in the global village and attract more millions of people to visit the website and view the videos 24/7.

Are you ready for the Nollywood Digital revolution of iPost Nigeria?
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