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Halal Institute, Fully Involved in the FCAT

Halal Institute, fully involved in the FCAT

The entity led by Isabel Romero cements its support to the African Film Festival of Cordoba through its sponsorship

Cordoba, 2nd October 2013. Halal Institute, the certification entity of the Halal Guarantee Mark in Spain, joins the 10th African Film Festival of Cordoba-FCAT not only through its sponsorship, but also, reinforcing the strategies that both organisations have in the countries of Mediterranean Africa. 

 Isabel Romero and Mane Cisneros

The work that Halal Institute carries out – partner of AENOR, recognised by the main international entities and countries of halal guarantee in the world – allows over 400 factories and enterprises in Andalusia and Spain to export their products to over 40 countries practising Islam.

The reason for the support to FCAT Cordoba dovetails with Halal Institute’s aim, as a promoter of the brand ‘Cordoba Halal’, of claiming Cordoba’s position in the present, thanks to its historic role in promoting diversity and tolerance. 

In this way, the entity seeks for the cooperation of initiatives conceived to and from the Muslim World, at an industrial, commercial, touristic, academic and cultural level. Other than the involvement in FCAT Cordoba, Halal Institute has also taken part in the activities of Amazig and Agrópolis Foundation.

This collaboration aims to be representative of the beginning of a partnership with the festival, in order to, as stated by the Director of Halal Institute, ‘contribute to the consolidation of links and synergies with our closest neighbours, from our modest possibilities’.

FCAT Cordoba celebrates its tenth anniversary, even though this is the second edition at Cordoba. On its first edition last year, FCAT celebrated the 50th anniversary of Algerian cinemas, and this second edition has welcome many Arab film productions, from North Africa and beyond. The festival will take place from the 11th to the 19th of October, with the screening of over 66 films from 31 countries, as well as a wide range of activities, such as FCAT Espacio Profesional, the Film Criticism Workshop and the storyteller for children.

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Festival de Cine Africano de Córdoba-FCAT 2013        

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