Wednesday, September 13, 2023

The Billionaires Mindset

  1. HAVE UNBREAKABLE FAITH in your CREATOR and in YOURSELF. The size of your faith is the size of your strength. Avoid foolish pride in yourself. Be amiable, humble and noble. 
  2. Family is your top priority. Reject every form of failure and deprivation in any member of your family. Don't forget that Charity begins at home. Confess every morning before you go out I REJECT POVERTY.  I ACCEPT PROSPERITY.
  3. Acquire the education and skills you require for success in your career (occupation or profession).
  4. Be a dare devil go-getter in business for contracts, jobs and commissions. DON'T EVER DEGRADE YOURSELF. And DON'T DEGRADE OTHERS. 
  5. Be an enterpreneur and start your own company as soon as you can to produce or provide a product or service majority of people need in your location.
  6. Believe in the Universal Law of Reciprocity. Do Good. Avoid Evil. BE ALWAYS GRATEFUL.
  7. Explore all possibilities and opportunities in legitimate investments online and offline in the most profitable ventures, stocks and startups. INVEST IN REAL ESTATE before you are 30.
  8. In unforseen economic challenges or Acts of God, ADAPT or REINVENT or you will become EXTINCT
  9. Have current, domiciliary and fixed bank accounts in your local currency and in American dollars and Pound Sterling 
  10. Cut off liabilities and whatever does not add value to your life and business.
  11. Have life, health and company insurance policies.
  12. Health is wealth. So have only foods and drinks with proven health benefits. Keep fit, Relax and Avoid Stress.

Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima,
The CEO,
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Ada Ure, First Daughter of Beauty

Ada is the Igbo name for the first daughter.

Her body decorated with Uli black dye motifs.

Uli is as old as 3000!BC

Igbo mythology said Uli was a gift from Ala, the goddess of earth, who blessed women with the ability to create art.

The Igbo tribe has the oldest monarchy in Africa dating back to the ancient Igbo Ukwu during the Bronze Age around  3,000-2,500 BC,  same period of the Indus Valley Civilisation.

Uli Si Naka Chi

Means Art of Uli comes from the hand of destiny or God.

This esoteric NFT is done in Nsibidi, ancient form of writing in pictograms,  logograms or syllabograms by the Igbo tribe and related ethnic groups in South Eastern Nigeria. Insibidi means the Beginning in Igbo language.

I have been exhibited in Japan in 1983 when I was 20 and my works were insured by the UNESCO. I was exhibited in the National Museum of Nigeria and curated the first Art Against AIDS Exhibitions in Nigeria in 1993 at the National Museum and National Arts Theatre in Lagos. All the works were collected. 

My highest priced works in oil paintings on canvas were, "The Metamorphosis of the HIV in the T-Cell" was bought by Family Health International (FHI) and "Eruption of the Love Virus" bought by a private art collector. $20,000 for each one at first exhibition in the National Museum in 1993.

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