Friday, May 12, 2023

Nigerian Igbo Movies Started the Phenomenon of NOLLYWOOD

"Chukwuabiama Na Ezedibia" (God and the King of Wizards) Coming Soon on NOLLYWOOD MAGIC Channel on CINETIE 

Igbo dramas started the phenomenon of Nollywood with the first Igbo blockbuster movie, "Living in Bondage" in 1992. 

NOLLYWOOD MAGIC Channel is bringing the captivating movies of Nigerian dramas on CINETIE of Rwanda streaming to millions of people online, including over 50 million Igbos in the world with over 45 million Igbos in Nigeria and over 4 million Igbos in the Diaspora.r Hundreds of thousands of Igbos are in America and the UK.

"God and the King of Wizards" is an Igbo epic drama of supernatural battles and encounters with powers of darkness and principalities never shown before in any Nigerian movie.

Director: Evans Orji

Major Cast: Prince Emeka Ani, Agbaogidi Clement Cornel, Camilla Mberikwe

Language: Igbo (subtitled in English)


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