Saturday, February 17, 2018

Ethereum Mining Guide for 2018

What is #Ethereum Mining?

Mining Ethereum is sorting through data blocks from peer distributed cryptocurrency networks to find information that can be used to solve challenging math problems. Successful Ethereum miners can earn crypotocurrency in in exchange for their work.

Ethereum mining requires a lot of intensive computation work, time and lots of processing power. Ethereum is a platform with several applications that are helpful for users trying to do a variety of everyday tasks very simply. Results generated through digital mining is referred to as proof of work system.

The process of getting cryptocurrency tokens of Ethereum from blockchain networks requires having computers programmed to run a hashing algorithm non-stop. The hashing algorithm condenses a large amount of information into fixed length string of numbers and letters. Ethash, the hashing algorithm employed by Ethereum, hashes metadata drawn from the most recently available using a nonce. This binary number is able to create a unique hash value.

With every new block contained in the blockchain, a new target hash value is set by the network. All miners on that network attempt to guess which nonce will result in the desired value. The miner that discovers the right nonce is awarded the block and receives 5 ether. The process begins again following a cycle which occurs about every 12 seconds.

Ethereum Mining Rigs: Dedicated machines can mine ethereum much faster than average computers, but you’ll need a little bit of help building an efficient mining workhorse like this one.

Ethereum Mining How To Guide

For people interested in doing this type of mining, it is important to get an Ethereum mining how to guide that will walk through every possible step, explain the process in detail and make you aware of any tools and training you will need beyond the scope of this article which provides the high level methods you can use to mine ethereum and the pros and cons of each. A how to guide can also help you master the skills you will need to get good results consistently. With the right mining how to guide and some practice, it is possible to gather the information you need to solve even the most complex mathematical problems and be able use mining applications with your existing computer hardware.

Ethereum Mining Guide: 2018 Edition - Strategic Coin

Click here for the complete Ethereum Mining Guide.

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