Sunday, August 6, 2017

I Am A Survivor of GENOCIDE!

Hey there Michael,
I am a Yazidi refugee and survivor of genocide. On August 3, 2014, ISIS waged an attack against my family and entire community in Sinjar, Iraq.

Thousands of Yazidis were killed or kidnapped, obliged to convert, or forcibly displaced. I was among more than 6,000 girls and women who were held captive as sex slaves.

Today, not a single ISIS militant has been prosecuted for war crimes perpetrated against my people. Join me in calling on the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to take swift action.

At the Global Citizen Festival in Hamburg last month, Global Citizen Ambassador Demi Lovato and I issued a rallying cry to world leaders: hold ISIS accountable by referring these crimes to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

More than 100,000 Global Citizens have taken action and supported my plea. But we must do more.

The ICC has previously refused to examine these crimes, citing a lack of information. Despite this setback, there is still hope for justice. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has the ability to establish a Commission of Inquiry to collect evidence on ISIS genocide crimes against the Yazidis.

We must rise together to Level the Law. Join me in taking action to achieve justice for all Yazidis.

With hope,
Nadia Murad,
United Nations Goodwill Ambassador and Global Citizen.

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