Monday, January 26, 2015

I Will Not Stay In Office Beyond 2015 - President Goodluck Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan has already made a wise choice not to stay in office beyond this year 2015, as clearly reported on the front page of The Guardian newspaper of Nigeria shown in the proof above.
With his own words he has sealed his fate. Finis.

As a noble statesman, he should honorably respect himself and hand over to a new President in 2015.
To the only presidential candidate who can guaranty the national security of Nigeria and restore the dignity, integrity and stability of the Nigerian Armed Forces.

We cannot continue to watch the Boko Haram terrorists besiege and occupy villages and towns in the north east of Nigeria, attacking and killing thousands of people while the Commander-in-Chief continues to live in denial of the tragedies; with more than 12, 000 innocent Nigerians murdered by the Boko Haram marauders and over 1.5 million people displaced and fleeing Nigeria to become refugees in neighboring countries of Chad, Cameroon and Niger and as IDPs in different locations in the country.
This is our worst humanitarian emergency since the Nigerian civil war.

The Commander-in-Chief has abandoned the search and rescue of the missing Chibok school girls and as we speak cannot even tell us their whereabouts and you wonder what has happened to military intelligence with the SSS chasing after the opposition party instead of monitoring and reporting signals from the movements of the Boko Haram.
We see the terrorists invading towns for hours with several Toyota Hilux SUVs and captured armored vehicles without any strike from the Nigerian Air Force to exterminate them and the Commander-in-Chief is busy hosting Nollywood stars and other entertainers from Abuja to Lagos instead of focusing on the national security of Nigeria.
The depletion of Nigeria's foreign reserves and excess crude revenue is the most glaring indication of the mismanagement of our resources by an incompetent government.

The critical analysis of the corruption and maladministration of President Goodluck Jonathan by Prof. Charles Chukwuma Soludo has confirmed our worst fears and the only solution is to change the corrupt and incompetent administration without apologies or regrets no matter the childish and foolish threats of the avaricious political contractors and their notorious gangsters in the Niger Detla and Abuja who have turned the Nigerian government into the grand casino of their political mafia controlling the oil cartel of the oligarchy.

President Goodluck Jonathan has failed to protect and secure the citizenry and sovereignty of Nigeria and should leave now before it is too late, and give the opposition the chance to save the country from total collapse.
Nigerians deserve a better and safer nation where every citizen will not live in fear of being attacked and killed tomorrow.
Nigerians deserve a new government that can secure their future.

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