Sunday, April 6, 2014

Jide Omokore Debunks Sahara Reporters' False Alarm

Mr. Bashorun Jide Omokore.

Chairman of Energy Resources Group of Companies, Chief Jide Omokore has denied speculations that he suffered a stroke after meeting with President Goodluck Jonathan. The Sahara Reporters website reported on Friday April 4, that Mr. Omokore suffered heart attack earlier in the week shortly after a meeting with Mr. Jonathan. But it was another false report by Sahara Reporters known for reporting rumours and unverified information.

Speaking to newsmen, Omokore said he had been in Lagos all through the week and wondered where the rumour mill manufactured the stroke story from.
“I have been in Lagos all week and you people can see for yourself if I look like someone who suffered a stroke,” he said.

He would however not respond to further questions from journalists on his private jets and his businesses in the upstream sector of oil and gas. Pressed further on the issue, he replied, “Speculations like that have been made in the past and have been found to be untrue.”
He however said he owed it a duty to the country to increase their volume of business, create jobs for the teeming youths as well as make meaningful contributions to the economy. Energy Resources Group of Companies, an indigenous company, has advanced plans to increase its footprints on the business and economic landscape of the country.

The Group, which comprises investment in many key sectors of the economy, including downstream oil industry, steel and iron rods, infrastructure and property, seeks to promote economic growth and generate employment while holding dear our social responsibilities. The companies in the Group include Spog Petrochemicals, Energy Resources Management Limited and Energy Property Nigeria Limited. “We have always shown our commitment to the economic development of the country and the empowerment of the people”, he said.


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