Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Real Beneficiaries of the Misappropriated Fuel Subsidy in Nigeria

The fuel subsidy has never favoured the majority of Nigerians, but the oil marketers and their distributors who are major stakeholders in the corrupt government of President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria.

The masses don't own the filling stations and they don't import fuel.
So who are those ripping them off?
The oil marketers importing fuel and the owners of filling stations who are leading members of the corrupt ruling party and the President is their major beneficiary.

The real beneficiaries of the misappropriated fuel subsidy in Nigeria are the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and others on the following list.

List of Petroleum/Oil Marketing Companies in Nigeria

September 24, 2007

The list below contains the names of the oil marketing companies in Nigeria. Companies that are only involved in the downstream section of the oil chain. The list is not exhaustive but these are the main players in the industry. The information is available both in the table below and also as an attached PDF file with embedded links to redirect you to the companies websites. The table below can be sorted either by company name or the websites by clicking on the header rows in the table.

1 ACORN PETROLEUM www.acornpetroleum.com
2 AFRICAN PETROLEUM PLC. (AP) www.applcng.com
3 ASCON OIL www.asconoil.com
5 CONOIL PLC. www.conoilplc.com
6 ETERNA OIL & GAS PLC. www.eternaplc.com/main.asp
8 HONEYWELL OIL & GAS www.honeywelloil.com
9 HYDROCARBON SERVICES OF NIGERIA (HYSON) www.nnpcgroup.com/hyson.htm
10 MOBIL OIL NIGERIA PLC. www.exxonmobilafrica.com
11 OANDO PLC. www.oandoplc.com
12 OCEAN & OIL HOLDINGS www.oandoplc.com
13 PIPELINES & PRODUCTS MARKETING (PPMC) www.nnpcgroup.com/ppmc.htm
14 SADIQ PETROLEUM NIGERIA (SPNL) www.sadiqpetroleum.com
15 SHELL NIGERIA OIL PRODUCTS www.shell.com/home/content/nigeria
16 TEXACO NIGERIA PLC. www.texaco.com/worldwide/africa/nigeria.asp
17 TOTAL NIGERIA PLC. www.ng.total.com
18 ZENON PETROLEUM & GAS www.zenonpetroleumng.com/

This is the PDF version of the file - List of Oil & Gas Marketers in Nigeria. Also find attached a comprehensive list containing all oil and oil related companies in Nigeria - This listing consists of companies in oil exploration, drilling, survey, engineering, geo-physical etc. These are parts 1,2 & 3 of the file and the subsequent files are coming soon - Comprehensive List of Oil Companies in Nigeria #1-131 and Comprehensive List of Oil Companies in Nigeria #132-254 and Comprehensive List of Oil Companies in Nigeria #255-328.


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