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MultiChoice Shares Insights to Content Success at MIP Africa


MultiChoice Shares Insights to Content Success at MIP Africa

MIP Africa forms part of Fame Week Africa, a week-long festival focusing on African television, music, and film

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, September 6, 2023/ -- Authenticity, hyperlocal stories, and a visceral understanding of the audience are pivotal indicators for success in the African television and film landscape.

While various insights, overwhelmingly practical and actionable, were shared during a MultiChoice panel discussion at MIP Africa this week, these three indicators served as a throughline for how content creators could successfully pitch to become part of MultiChoice’s creative ecosystem.

The panel discussion, Unlocking Opportunities: MultiChoice and the African Film & TV Industry, took place at MIP Africa, an annual opportunity for African content creators, producers, and sellers to present their work to a global array of buyers, investors, and potential co-production partners. MIP Africa forms part of Fame Week Africa, a week-long festival focusing on African television, music, and film. MultiChoice plays a key role as a sponsor of both events.

According to Waldimar Pelser, Channel Director: Premium Channels at MultiChoice, their most valuable content creators understand their market. “The most productive conversations we have are with producers that consume our content and on a visceral level know who our audience is. (Our partners) have to understand who they’re making content for.”

In terms of what that content looks like, Pelser shared that content that can only be made locally, and that viewers would not be able to find elsewhere, reap the most success.

Popular genres include drama and unscripted reality, with the consensus being that while successful themes are universal, viewers want something “uniquely South African,” with the setting being locally specific and the story and storytelling showcasing an understanding of who the audience is. 

Viewers also tend to gravitate toward dramas with authenticity, warmth, and optimism, while there is generally a low tolerance for gimmicks – in any genre. In unscripted reality, shows where the audience can see themselves on screen generally enjoy success. “For unscripted it’s a mirror,” said Pelser. “We want to see ourselves on screen. (Shows) that remind us who we are – those tend to work.”

Tebogo Matlawa, Head of Scripted Content: Middle & Mass: South Africa at MultiChoice, echoed Pelser and said that while the audience wants to see themselves on screen, producers should also “look outside the bubble of their own existence” when working on content.

“Our audience likes to be involved and go on the journey” and for that reason, they’ve found that very family-orientated shows, with a female point of view, and generally not risqué, do well. While action and dramas have seen success, there isn’t much of an appetite for violence. “Always think, would you watch this with your grandmother?” he advised when considering pitches for scripted content for middle and mass markets.

Victor Sanchez Aghahowa, Head of Production, West Africa for MultiChoice Africa, as well as Nicola van Niekerk, Head of Content for Premium Channels and co-productions, reiterated MultiChoice’s success with hyperlocal content. “We need the connection; people need to feel. If not, what are you doing?” said Aghahowa. “Compelling characters in compelling situations that anybody can relate to – that’s what we’re looking for. Anything inauthentic will immediately be sniffed out by our younger audience.”

According to Van Niekerk, Showmax, specifically, has seen significant success with documentaries as well as dramas.

In terms of co-productions, Van Niekerk pointed to the necessity for producers to have an in-depth understanding of both the local and the international audience before pitching a project. “As a producer, you need to assess your story and say, ‘Where will this story work?’ Will it work in a very specific demographic hyper locally in South Africa, but where else will it work? Which other broadcaster will like that? And to know that you need to understand all of the broadcaster's strategies (on a global level).”

She warns against assuming that what works locally will work elsewhere. This helps to secure funding if the appetite and interest have already been assessed.

Van Niekerk said popular co-productions generally have three things in common: “It’s crime, it’s English and it’s in a beautiful setting. We can tell that those work the best.”

Lerato Moruti, Senior Manager: Reality and Entertainment for Middle & Mass: M-Net, said that successful reality shows provide a sense of tabloid voyeurism, with family-based reality shows that rate high with viewers. But, said Moruti, South Africans look for meaning in content, and respond well to “help TV”, specifically referring to the popular Mzansi Magic reality show Abandoned about orphaned children that seek out family members later in life.

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PalmPay Reinforces Commitment to Educate Users through Monthly Wallet Safety Workshops


PalmPay Reinforces Commitment to Educate Users through Monthly Wallet Safety Workshops

PalmPay is taking its commitment to user security to the next level by integrating liveness detection and facial recognition capabilities into its transaction scenarios, particularly during withdrawals

LAGOS, Nigeria, September 6, 2023/ -- As electronic payment platforms gain traction, the need for consumers to be conscious of their online security becomes paramount. Recent data highlights a surge in Nigerians adopting electronic platforms for day-to-day transactions. According to a recent report by the Financial Institutions Training Centre (FITC) on Fraud and Forgeries in Nigerian banks for Q2, 2023, fraud cases have jumped to a whopping 276.98%. 

According to Chika Nwosu, MD/CEO of PalmPay, “With the growing use of digital payment platforms, new risks and concerns emerge for operators and users.”

In 2022, PalmPay introduced the Wallet Safety Workshop to ensure the security of user transaction privacy and stable and reliable transactions. This monthly campaign for payment security awareness helps customers improve their overall security knowledge, manage their personal information online, and learn how to spot and avoid e-scammers and fake news. 

Since the launch of the workshop, PalmPay has been using online and offline channels, including the app, social media, official website, and printed materials, to publicise and expose examples of social media and telecom fraud, as well as how to spot fraudulent behaviour and necessary steps to take to avoid being trapped.

In the past year, PalmPay has been educating users and the general public on various aspects of cybersecurity knowledge, such as password and devices management, risk identification, phishing, fraud detection, and payment security.

Internally, PalmPay has significantly fortified its security features, aiming to empower users in account protection. The Fintech has taken action against fraudulent accounts through an investigation of internal accounts and has banned thousands of problematic accounts to enhance user account security.

The introduction of device management feature allows users to control trusted devices and remove untrusted ones. When accessing the PalmPay app from an untrusted device, a comprehensive security verification process is required, combining OTP and PIN, to ensure top-tier security.

Additionally, an automatic logout feature has been implemented, allowing users to set a time limit for inactivity, followed by PIN entry upon re-entry. PalmPay also offers fingerprint and facial ID login options to enhance account access. In 2023, millions of users have linked secure email addresses for seamless receipt of in-app OTPs and future security-related notifications.

PalmPay is taking its commitment to user security to the next level by integrating liveness detection and facial recognition capabilities into its transaction scenarios, particularly during withdrawals. This security measure ensures a more accurate identification of potential fraudulent activities and unauthorized access, further safeguarding customer accounts.

Recently, PalmPay unveiled the new PalmPay Business App, featuring a comprehensive security upgrade. It now integrates advanced features such as liveness detection and facial recognition. The upgraded system verifies if the user's actions are performed by the genuine account holder. Even in cases of telecom fraud where sensitive information like OTP/PIN might have been compromised, the system can use facial recognition to confirm the user's identity, thereby safeguarding customer accounts and financial assets.

According to Mr Nwosu, “It’s impressive that these efforts have led to remarkable financial recovery. In the first seven months of 2023, over $677 million has been successfully recovered for more than 853,000 users. This achievement highlights our commitment to safeguarding our customers' financial interests and assets.” He urged Nigerians who have not embraced e-wallet to do so because it is secure, convenient and accessible.   

The brand commits to keep educating users and the general public on security guidelines both on online and offline channels.
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About PalmPay:
PalmPay is a leading Africa-focused fintech platform committed to driving economic empowerment in the continent. Through its secure, user-friendly and inclusive suite of financial services, PalmPay brings top-tier products into the pockets of everyday Nigerians.

PalmPay offers money transfers, bill payments, credit services and savings on its app and via its mobile money agents. 

Since launching in Nigeria in 2019 under a Mobile Money Operator licence, the platform has grown to over 25 million users. Over 500,000 mobile money agents and 400,000 merchants are part of its cashless payment ecosystem.

The company has raised USD 140m. The PalmPay app is available on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store in Nigeria and Ghana, with more markets going live. 



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World Football Summit Unleashes its Rebrand with a Bold Claim: "The Football We Want, The Football We Need"



World Football Summit Unleashes its Rebrand with a Bold Claim: "The Football We Want, The Football We Need"

The rebrand introduces a new visual identity, including a cutting-edge logo and a revamped website, designed to reflect the brand's rebellious yet expert tone

MADRID, Spain, September 5, 2023/ -- World Football Summit ( is thrilled to announce its transformative rebranding initiative under the audacious claim: "The Football We Want, The Football We Need,” in a move that hopes to unite those working in the global football industry toward making it more professional, sustainable, and one that those who work in it are proud to champion.

A New Era for World Football Summit

World Football Summit is not just evolving; it's revolutionizing. Known for its premier events that have been the cornerstone of the football industry since its first event in Madrid (Spain) in 2016, the company is now stepping up to become the global platform of choice for the football industry, focusing on networking, events, and content.

"To build the modern and progressive football industry we need," says Jan Alessie, Co-founder and Director at World Football Summit. "The football industry is at a crossroads. It's time for a change, and our ambition is to be at the forefront of this change. Our rebrand is not just a facelift; it's a fundamental shift in our mission and vision."

"We're not just talking about change; we're facilitating it. Our platform will serve as the nexus where the future of football is shaped, "adds Marian Otamendi, Co-founder and Director at WFS, “connecting a community of football industry leaders who share knowledge and ideas to evolve the industry from a business and values perspective." 

The Creative Minds Behind the Rebrand: Summa Branding

World Football Summit could not have embarked on such a  journey without the creative force of Summa Branding, the agency responsible for guiding the new strategic narrative and visual identity. With a portfolio that includes top-tier football brands like FC Barcelona, Kings League, and Sevilla FC, Summa brought unparalleled expertise to the table.

"World Football Summit is setting the stage for a new chapter in the football industry. Their commitment to driving change aligns perfectly with our own vision,which made working on this project such a rewarding experience for our team" says Joan Mendoza, Head of Sports at Summa Branding.

What to Expect

The rebrand introduces a new visual identity, including a cutting-edge logo and a revamped website, designed to reflect the brand's rebellious yet expert tone. But it's not just about aesthetics; it's about action. Expect more interactive events, thought-provoking content, and unparalleled networking opportunities that will redefine the football industry.

"We're challenging the status quo because we know there's a better way. And we have the network and expertise to prove it," adds Jan Alessie.

Join Us

World Football Summit is not just setting the stage for the future of football; it's building it. This is the football we want, the football we need.

We invite you to be part of this revolutionary journey. Visit our newly launched website at and follow us on Social Media for the latest updates.

This press release is designed to be more than just an announcement; it's a call to action for the entire football industry. It's not just about what World Football Summit is doing; it's about what the industry needs to do. And that makes it not just newsworthy, but history-worthy.

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For media inquiries, please contact:

Jaime Domínguez

Chief Marketing Officer 

World Football Summit 


About World Football Summit:

World Football Summit is the biggest platform dedicated to the football industry. Since its inception in 2016, WFS has successfully attracted over 22,000 attendees across 17 events and has built a global community of 90,000+ sports industry executives. Top names in the industry, including Gianni Infantino, Fatma Samoura, Ronaldo Nazario, Samuel Eto’o, Peter Moore, and Cindy Parlow- Cone have participated, showcasing the event's significance in the global football landscape. WFS has also developed game-changing industry reports and operates a content machine that includes a newsletter and a podcast aimed at empowering football industry professionals worldwide.


World Football Summit

Monday, September 4, 2023

African Oil and Gas Exploration is Going Strong (By NJ Ayuk)

African Oil and Gas Exploration is Going Strong (By NJ Ayuk)

2023 has been another banner year for African exploration, with half a billion barrels of oil equivalent (bboe) in recoverable oil and gas reserves found around the continent to date

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, September 4, 2023/ -- By NJ Ayuk, Executive Chairman, African Energy Chamber (

Despite the call heard 'round the world commanding the global business community to divest from fossil fuels and shrink their carbon footprints in the name of net zero, international oil companies (IOCs) still recognize Africa as their next frontier.

As detailed in the African Energy Chamber’s recently released report, "The State of African Energy Q2 2023 Outlook," oil and natural gas exploration in Africa remains strong.

Following the massive Namibian discoveries in 2022, 2023 has been another banner year for African exploration, with half a billion barrels of oil equivalent (bboe) in recoverable oil and gas reserves found around the continent to date.

Namibia’s Orange Basin continues to hold center stage with Shell’s July announcement that drilling for the Lesedi-1X, the company’s fourth exploration well in the region, had reached completion and indicated the presence of hydrocarbons.

Through a partnership with QatarEnergy and NAMCOR — Namibia’s national oil company —Shell plans to drill two more exploratory wells in Namibia before the year is out and has also received permission from the government to drill ten more exploration and appraisal wells in the future.

Estimates set Shell’s other recent discoveries at the nearby Graff, La Rona, and Jonker-1X wells in Namibia’s Petroleum Exploration License (PEL) 39 at a total of 1.7 bboe.

These findings come in addition to discoveries made by France’s TotalEnergies at its Venus well in PEL 56 that holds a total of 3 bboe, according to Barclays estimates.

A Continent Brimming with Discovery

While the sizeable discovery at the Jonker site alone — with estimates placing its recoverable reserves at roughly 285 million barrels — accounts for 57% of overall volumes discovered in 2023 so far, it is one of many, as well as the only offshore discovery. The numerous other African discoveries were all found onshore.

Sonatrach of Algeria brought 20% of the overall volume to the table with its six smaller-sized discoveries that the state-owned energy company announced in the first quarter of this year. With two wells each between Amguid, Berkine, and Ohanet in the East-Central, South, and Southwest regions of the country respectively, Algeria is seeing new production of oil, gas, and condensates, strengthening its role as an alternative energy supplier for Europe.

In May 2023, the Australian upstream oil and gas company, Invictus Energy, announced that a mud gas analysis of its maiden Mukuyu-1 well in the Cabora Bassa Basin in Zimbabwe confirmed the presence of light oil, gas condensate, and helium. As a result of these findings, Invictus will follow through in the third quarter of this year on drilling operations for its Mukuyu-2 appraisal well located 6.8 kilometers to the northeast of Mukuyu-1 with a planned depth of 3,700 meters.

Mukuyu-1 is a wildcat – a well drilled in a previously unexplored area or where the petroleum potential is an unknown. Across Africa, of the 16 exploration wells IOCs drilled in 2023, ten are wildcats.

Three drilling operations are underway at the time of this writing, and while plans are in place for as many as 66 more, operations will likely commence for roughly 17 over the next 18 months.

As we have documented in our Q2 report, new discoveries from oil and gas exploration practically encircle the continent. From the small finds like Sasol’s Bonito-1 well in the PT5-C concession area of the Mozambique basin to Wintershall’s ED-2X in Egypt and Tatneft’s F1 discovery in Libya, Africa is proving itself as an emerging contender for the top supplier spot on the global petroleum market with a total discovered volume of oil and gas totaling nearly 500 MMboe in 2023 alone.

An Opportunity to Balance Disparity

While it is encouraging to witness this revival of oil and gas exploration in Africa — and to have our assertions confirmed that this continent represents the next frontier for the international energy majors — the AEC sees these developments as merely the start of what will have to amount to a massive upgrade for our own domestic petroleum industry.

As seismic and geological studies continuously corroborate our claims that Africa has enormous potential as a global energy supplier, local inefficiencies and a lack of infrastructure hinder this progress and stand in the way of international oil company (IOC) engagement.

To extract real prosperity from our fossil fuel resources, we must encourage the governments of every hydrocarbon-bearing African nation to create and maintain enabling business environments that attract foreign investment.

We must also implore the leaders of these countries to act quickly upon discovery of new oil fields and warn them against letting a proven find languish under a heap of unnecessary red tape.

There is no nuance about it — the oil industry represents income for Africans and advancement for Africa.

An increase in exploration equates to new African jobs and business opportunities, and successful exploratory ventures attract further investment, leading to a rise in employment across many industries and accelerated economic growth for each host country.

And the benefits are not only financial or limited to only those with skin in the game. By extracting and refining our resources on a grander scale, we’ll finally reach the kind of production levels that extend meaningful benefits to the African population.

Considering that more than 600 million Africans live without access to electricity, and 900 million make do without access to clean cooking fuel, expansion of our oil industry will inevitably slash our rates of energy poverty and lead to a widespread increase in quality of life.

The global transition to carbon-free energy, spurred on by human ingenuity, is inevitable. We acknowledge that one day humanity will have no need to engage with fossil fuels or tolerate their negative impacts. We believe that the planet will eventually get to such a state, but we also feel that we’re more realistic than some regarding how long that evolution will take to set in fully.

This transition will also require massive funding from every country undertaking it. The AEC’s stance is that if we can secure foreign investment in our oil industry today, Africa will develop the funding to back its own transition tomorrow, rather than waiting patiently for subsidies and handouts once the rest of the world deems them feasible.

As we wait for zero-emission and renewable energy technology to mature to its full potential, the developed world must afford the chance for Africa to reach its own.

Increased exploration, wise investments, welcoming dispositions, and attractive economic policies are but the first few steps of that journey.

To download a copy of "The State of African Energy 2Q 2023," visit

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African Energy Chamber

Catalyzing Investment in Nigerian Energy: Platform Petroleum Limited Joins African Energy Week 2023 as a Silver Sponsor


Catalyzing Investment in Nigerian Energy: Platform Petroleum Limited Joins African Energy Week (AEW) 2023 as a Silver Sponsor

Platform Petroleum Limited will participate as a silver sponsor at African Energy Week 2023, driving discussions on the role Nigerian-based E&P companies play in driving the next wave of energy developments in the country

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, September 4, 2023/ -- The devleopment of the country’s 37 billion barrels of proven crude oil reserves and 200 trillion cubic feet of natural gas will position Nigeria as both a regional petroleum hub and major global exporter, creating a wealth of opportunities for economic growth on the back of hydrocarbon revenue. Leading the charge to monetize domestic oil and gas resources are Nigerian-based E&P companies such as Platform Petroleum Limited, a company which remains dedicated to driving investment and development across Nigeria’s oil and gas sector.

Platform Petroleum Limited has joined the African Energy Week (AEW) 2023 conference and exhibition, scheduled for October 16–20 in Cape Town, as a silver sponsor. This strategic sponsorship underscores Platform Petroleum Limited's steadfast commitment to expanding Nigeria’s energy sector. As a wholly Nigerian-owned company, Platform Petroleum Limited stands as a shining example of dedication, aiming to play a pivotal role in reshaping the continent's energy landscape and providing sustainable solutions to fuel Africa's growth.

Platform Petroleum Limited's remarkable journey in Nigeria's energy landscape has yielded triumphs, with the Egbaoma Field as a shining example. Covering 136 square kilometers within OML 38 in the Northern Depo-belt of the Niger Delta Basin, this field has been a significant milestone for the company. Secured in 2003/2004, the field development activities commenced in 2005 in joint venture partnership with Newcross Petroleum, and by 2007, first oil was achieved. Since then, Platform Petroleum Limited has continuously improved and optimized operations, with over nine workover operations, three wells drilled, and two side tracks executed to date. Additionally, the company achieved remarkable milestones in 2018. The year concluded with a cumulative production of over one million barrels and significant revenue growth compared to the previous year.

In the gas sector, the Platform/Newcross Joint Venture executed additional commitments, increasing lean gas supply to 45 million standard cubic feet per day with various third-party off-takers. A pivotal moment in the field's development was the upgrade of the Flow Station in 2013/2014 to include XHP Production and Test Separators, allowing for the optimization of gas condensate Wells and handling 40MMscfd gas production. The company’s commitment to gas commercialization aligns with the Federal Government's zero-flare policy. This journey reflects Platform Petroleum Limited's unwavering dedication to sustainable growth, operational excellence, and a brighter energy future for Nigeria and beyond. The company’s projects in progress include a drilling campaign targeting a minimum of 5,000 barrels of oil per day and the NGC gas monetization, aiming for first commercial lean gas by Q3/Q4. Flowstation upgrade projects for enhanced process and product recovery also take center stage, shaping the company's medium to long-term future.

Meanwhile, Platform Petroleum Limited is dedicated to promoting and adhering to a robust Local Content Policy that exemplifies its commitment to the communities and regions in which it operates. With a strong emphasis on local participation, the company has achieved impressive levels of engagement in various sectors, including engineering services, fabrication and construction, well drilling services, materials and procurement, and subsurface petroleum engineering and seismic. Additional services include transportation supply disposal services, health safety and environment, information systems and information technology, logistics services, and general banking services. These efforts reflect Platform Petroleum Limited's determination to empower local talent, stimulating economic growth and enhancing sustainability within the areas in which the company conducts its operations.

“Platform Petroleum Limited's journey in Nigeria's energy landscape is a testament to the transformative power of commitment and innovation. They have not only achieved remarkable milestones but have also demonstrated a deep dedication to local participation. The company’s accomplishments in the Egbaoma Field, strides in gas commercialization, and unwavering commitment to local content are truly commendable. Platform Petroleum Limited is shaping a brighter energy future for Nigeria and the continent as a whole,” states NJ Ayuk, Executive Chairman of the African Energy Chamber (AEC).

Platform Petroleum Limited joins a strong delegation from Nigeria comprising oil and gas Ministers, service companies and technology providers, and more. An Invest in Nigeria Energies session will further connect foreign companies and capital to Nigerian opportunities, with companies such as Platform Petroleum Limited set to drive the next wave of partnerships.

AEW is the AEC’s annual conference, exhibition and networking event. AEW 2023 will unite African energy policymakers and stakeholders with global investors to discuss and maximize opportunities within the continent’s entire energy industry. For more information about AEW 2023, visit

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African Energy Chamber

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Minister of State for Gas Hon. Ekperikpe Ekpo To Connect Investors to Nigeria’s Decade of Gas Opportunities at African Energy Week in South Africa

Minister of State for Gas Hon. Ekperikpe Ekpo to Connect Investors to Nigeria’s Decade of Gas Opportunities at African Energy Week (AEW) 2023 (Source: African Energy Chambe.)

Minister of State for Gas Hon. Ekperikpe Ekpo To Connect Investors to Nigeria’s Decade of Gas Opportunities at African Energy Week (AEW) 2023
Nigeria’s Decade of Gas initiative promising lucrative opportunities for foreign investors, and during the African Energy Week conference this October, the country’s Minister of State for Gas Hon. Ekperikpe Ekpo will introduce potential players to the country’s opportunities

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JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, September 2, 2023/ -- Likely to represent a 600 trillion cubic feet (tcf) gas market, Nigeria’s investment opportunities in this field are unparalleled, offering foreign financiers and project developers the chance to make high returns while driving the sustainable growth of Nigeria’s energy industry. Under frameworks such as the Petroleum Industry Act (PIA) and the Decade of Gas initiative, Nigeria has established itself as a highly attractive investment opportunity.

During the African Energy Week (AEW) 2023 conference and exhibition – taking place at the Cape Town International Convention Center from October 16-20 -, the country’s Minister of State for Gas Hon. Ekperikpe Ekpo will provide insight into the numerous investment opportunities emerging across Nigeria’s gas market. From upstream exploration to downstream processing to distribution and power generation, Hon. Ekpo joins AEW 2023 with the aim of connecting foreign capital with Nigerian gas projects. Hon. Ekpo joins Nigeria’s Minister of State for Oil Sen. Heineken Lokpobiri at the event this October, and will lead sessions such as Invest in Nigeria Energies.  

Nigeria’s strategic position in close proximity to high demand regional markets, largely untapped gas resources and recent regulatory reform agenda have further enhanced its attractiveness as an investment destination. Under the Decade of Gas initiative – an ambitious government program launched in 2021 that aims to advance gas development and utilization by 2030 – the country is paving the way for a series of large-scale project developments. Additionally, in 2022, the government identified 20 critical gas projects under the PIA, all of which require foreign investment to get off the ground.  

Nigeria already represents a major gas player in Africa. In the short term, the African Energy Chamber’s (AEC) Q2, 2023 Outlook, the State of African Energy, shows that the country, alongside Algeria and Egypt, is expected to drive the majority of natural gas supply in Africa (80%). Output is largely driven by the Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) project, which has been operating for 20 years. The project is being expanded with the addition of a seventh train, poised to increase national output from 22 million to 30 million tons per annum by 2027. The project showcases the potential for billion-dollar gas endeavors in Nigeria. However, supply concerns further underscore the need to invest in gas-related exploration.

While Nigeria’s proven natural gas reserves are currently measured at 200 tcf, ongoing exploration efforts are bound to increase this figure to 600 tcf. Upstream projects currently underway include the Okpokunou/Tuomo West Cluster Development; Hi Field; HA field; the Gbaran Nodal Compression project and many more. These developments barely scratch the surface of Nigeria’s upstream gas prospects, however. Downstream, the Decade of Gas initiative places specific focus on gas-related infrastructure, and is poised to unlock new opportunities for regional energy security and sustainable growth. Kicking off with the 614km Ajaokuta-Kaduna-Kano gas pipeline – connecting southern gas fields with central Nigeria – the initiative calls for the development of LNG and Liquefied Petroleum Gas facilities, incentivizing the commercialization of gas flares, the development of gas-based industrial bases and investment into power generation projects. This, in turn, has opened up significant opportunities for foreign investors and project developers. AEW 2023 will connect potential players with the country’s gas opportunities.

“Stepping into the role as Minister of State for Gas in Nigeria, Hon. Ekpo is poised to play an instrumental part in accelerating the pace at which investment is made in the country. His commitment to engaging with regional and foreign players will yield tangible results for the country while his dedication to leveraging policy and public-private partnerships will usher in a new era of project developments in Nigeria’s gas market. Nigeria is well positioned to become the global gas hub of the future, and with the drive of leaders such as Hon. Ekpo, the country is on track to achieve this objective,” states NJ Ayuk, Executive Chairman of the AEC.

During AEW 2023, Hon. Ekpo will engage in and lead various panel discussions and investor forums under efforts to attract new investment to the Nigerian gas market. As the biggest gathering of energy stakeholders on the continent, AEW 2023 plays an integral part in connecting capital with African projects, and with Hon. Ekpo’s participation, Nigeria is set to witness a wave of industry-advancing deals signed.

AEW is the AEC’s interactive exhibition and networking event uniting African energy stakeholders, driving industry growth and development, and promoting Africa as the destination for African-focused events. For more information about sponsorship, attendance, and partnership opportunities, visit
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African Energy Chamber


Friday, September 1, 2023

Okpara Delivers Colourful 2023 Iwaji Akokwa

Okpara Delivers Colourful 2023 Iwaji Akokwa

- By Chief Ingram Osigwe 

It was glamour and glitz at the 2023 edition of the annual Iwaji Akokwa( Akokwa New Yam Festival). Akokwa, an Ancient kingdom that shares a boundary with the Aguata council area in Anambra state, is in the Ideato North local government area of Imo. It's noted for its rich cultural heritage.

The Akokwa annual Iwaji cultural fiesta attracts tourists from around the world.  The 2023 edition was no different.

This year's edition was chaired by Dr. (Ambassador)  Obinna Okpara( Nmirioma Akokwa), a renowned philanthropist who has impacted positively on the lives of many through scholarships and other humanitarian works.

Dr.  Okpara had, before the festival,  been appointed by the traditional ruler of Akokwa, Eze (sir) Ikenna Okoli,  KSC, (Okoli V) (Agbarakwuriibe 111) The 11th of Akokwa,  as the Ozo ji 2023 (overseer of the New Yam festival).

The Akokwa monarch had told Dr. Okpara in his appointment letter that " it pleases me greatly to inform you that the palace has found you worthy to be appointed the Ozo ji for the 2023 New Yam festival".

True to type,  Dr. Okpara gave a good account of himself in organizing, executing, and delivering a richer,  more colorful, and well-attended Iwaji Akokwa thus justifying his choice as Ozo ji.

The preparation for the 2023 Iwaji started a month before the event with a football competition among the various villages that made up the kingdom and was sponsored by Dr. Obinna.

The football competition segment of the new festival ended with a grand finale held on the 24th of August.

It was graced by the sponsor, Dr. Obinna, and Eze  Okoli who kicked off the ball to signal the commencement of the match. 

The Iwaji festival proper which was held on August 25th attracted hundreds of guests and culture enthusiasts from around the world, including friends, business associates, and well-wishers of Dr.  Okpara.  Those who could not physically make it to Akokwa sent congratulatory messages wishing Eze Okoli and his subjects( the people of Akokwa) a successful festival.

One of the highlights of the epoch event was the presentation of prizes and gifts to the winners and runners-up of various competitions.

For example,  in the football category,  the first prize was #200,000, the second prize was #150,000, and the third prize was #100,000.

For the competitors in the yam weight category, the winner went home with a brand-new motorcycle and a cash sum of #50,000, the second position won a brand new Generator and a sum of #30, 000 while the third position went home with a brand-new generator and a cash sum of #30, 000. Other competitors in other categories from the various villages went home with #50,000 each.

Dr. Okpara,  an industrialist sits atop many companies as Chairman/ Managing Director.

These include Ron Logistics and Supporting Services LIMITED,  Zuriel Gold Link Pharmaceuticals Limited, and Headstone Agro Allied Ltd among others.

Chief Ingram Osigwe, a member of Obi’s cabinet is the MD of Full page inter Comm Ltd.