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Top Annual Entertainment Events in Nigeria

Top Annual Entertainment Events in Nigeria

The following are the top annual events in Nigeria in no particular order or rank.

1. Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN)
2. Calabar Carnival
3. Lagos Carnival
4. Abuja Carnival
5. African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA)
6. Eko International Film Festival
7. AFRIFF International Film Festival
8. Abuja International Film Festival
9. iREP International Documentary Film Festival
10. Lagos Book and Art Festival
11. Garden City Literary Festival
12. Arise Magazine Fashion Week
13. Hip Hop Awards
14. Nigerian Entertainment Awards
15. Tava Awards
16. Rhythm Unplugged
17. Summer Jam Fest.

The above top annual entertainment events in Nigeria are based on their popularity online and offline for attracting local and international audiences in terms of general entertainment and for the public friendly environment of the location of each event and the commercial benefits to the organizers, sponsors and host communities.

The organizers and sponsors of the international film festivals and carnivals need to up the ante of their events to fully realize the social and economic benefits, because these events can create thousands of jobs and generate millions of dollars through the commercial activities at the venues and environs and the patronage of the hospitality industry as popular international film festivals and carnivals have become million dollar international tourist attractions in the U.S.A, UK, France, Italy, German, Brazil, South Africa and other countries. Well informed sponsors can really maximize the potential benefits of these annual events as sponsors do at similar events in America, Europe and Asia. For instance, automakers and dealers can use international film festivals and carnivals to promote and market their cars and SUVs since these vehicles are integral parts of the film industry used by the production crew and cast. In fact all products and services used in the society can be exhibited at film festivals, including household goods, because a film festival is the celebration of life in motion pictures. So, all the products and services we use in life can be exhibited at the venues of film festivals.

Film festivals are also appropriate venues to launch and promote new or ongoing products, programmes and services of private and public organizations. Governments can show documentaries of what they have done for the citizens and private companies can show commercials of their products and services as short films or documentaries at film festivals and engage the audiences in focus or target group discussions during interactive sessions before and after screenings.

Companies making electronics and beauty products can promote and market their products and services at the music events and of course the book publishers, book sellers and printers and the manufacturers of paper, printing machines and packaging machines can use the book fairs to promote and market their products and services to the participants and attendees.

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