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Nigerians That Are Worse Than Boko Haram, Kidnappers and Armed Robbers

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Nigerians That Are Worse Than Boko Haram, Kidnappers and Armed Robbers

To most people, the dreaded Boko Islamic terrorist sect is the worst thing that has ever happened to Nigeria and also worsening the nightmares of Nigerians are the unrepentant kidnappers and armed robbers who are making living in the most populous country in Africa unpleasant and even suicidal when you dare to go to the most dangerous zones in Nigeria like in the northern and eastern states where the Boko Haram terrorists, desperate kidnappers and conscienceless armed robbers are on the prowl like predators in the jungle. But there are Nigerians who are worse than them all this lunatic fringe of Nigerians among the following in the Rogue Gallery of Nigeria:

1. Members of the National Assembly posing and posturing as innocent lawmakers, but they are wolves in sheep clothing who cheated and murdered others, misappropriated public funds and rigged elections to get into public office.

2. Governors and state legislators and local government chairmen and women who also cheated, lied, murdered others and rigged elections to get into public office.

3. Past and present civil servants who misappropriated and those still misappropriating public funds by collecting salaries of thousands of ghost workers and diverting pensions to their private accounts and have caused the unfortunate untimely deaths of hundreds of pensioners and even members of their families and relations, because their pensions were delayed and thus were deprived of the money they needed to pay medical bills, housing allowances and other needs, and later died from accidents or illnesses that would have been prevented if they were duly paid their pensions. Many children of pensioners have dropped out of school and many of their families have been evicted for failing to pay their house rents, etc.

4. Shylock land lords and realtors and their agents or partners in crime whose greediness and wickedness have made them to charge exorbitant estate fees and inflated rents to enrich themselves at the expense of poor or insolvent tenants who have been exploited and pushed out of their houses and compelled to resort to corrupt pursuits to make ends meet to afford the inflated rents or end up in inhuman living conditions in the blighted areas of towns and cities like the ghettos of Mushin, Makoko, Ijora-Badiya, and in other states in Nigeria where poor families suffer many indignities of their abject poverty being infected with diseases causing the deaths of thousands of Nigerians exposed to these daily risks in these blighted areas. The blighted areas have been the breeding and recruiting grounds for criminals and prostitutes who are sons and daughters of poor tenants and other victims of the greedy and wicked shylock landlords and realtors in Lagos, Sapele, Warri, Umuahia, Owerri, Asaba, Enugu, Onitsha, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Calabar, Uyo, Kano, Kaduna, Jos and other places in the vicious circle of the rat race caused by the greediness and wickedness of these evil and satanic Nigerians who have caused the deaths of more people than the Boko Haram, kidnappers and armed robbers in Nigeria. Don’t forget that these greedy and wicked politicians in government, their partners and beneficiaries in corruption and crime are also among the greedy and wicked shylock landlords and realtors who want to get rich and richer quick and make record breaking profits and quick returns from their houses and other properties.

Why would a landlord or realtor want to make the N100 million or N10 billion he spent on building a house or skyscraper within five years when the property will last a life time and more and the money he spent or invested in the property would still be realized even before he or she passes away and the estate will be sold or inherited by surviving members of the family?

Why would a greedy and wicked landlord or landlady and realtor want to charge the same rents for rooms or apartments in his or her un-renovated 10 -50 years old house as rents for rooms and apartments in new and recently built houses?
Of course, only blood sucking human vampires, evil witches and wizards would be so greedy and wicked to their fellow Nigerians.

5. The other evil and wicked Nigerians are the full time commercial sex workers and other prostitutes posing and posturing as ‘girlfriends” and “mistresses” who have murdered millions of unborn babies for decades and their partners in crime; the boyfriends and sugar daddies who impregnated them and supported them to have abortions.

6. The others are the cheating lovers and adulterous spouses who are actually direct or indirect accomplices and beneficiaries of those identified above, because the whole stinking rot either flows or trickles down from the top to those below in the ladder of social and political hierarchy of Nigeria and the leftovers are shared by the poor masses who are fasting, praying, wishing and waiting for their own opportunities or turns to climb up the ladder of their corrupt and rotten government and society.

7. The last, but not really the least in the Rogue Gallery of Nigeria are the fake and hypocritical members of the clergy and laity posing and posturing as “Christians” and the “Muslims”, but are actually devil incarnates or apologists of the dog eat dog capitalist society who have done worse things to their fellow Nigerians indoors and outdoors than even the pagans and atheists among us. They are popular regular church goers and goers of mosques who are also among those identified in numbers 1 – 6.

These evil greedy and wicked Nigerians identified as listed above in the Rogue Gallery have committed worse atrocities and have caused the deaths and afflictions of millions of people in Nigeria in the last ten years than the dreaded Boko Haram, kidnappers and armed robbers they are always pointing accusing fingers at, cursing and swearing at everyday when these hypocrites are guilty of worst crimes and sins, but many of them are being celebrated and honoured with national awards, future awards and other laurels by their fake and hypocritical peers who live in denial of the truth and continue posing and posturing as smart and intelligent people online and offline patting themselves on the back as they dine and wine among us. Some of them even make donations from their ill-gotten riches and blood money. Then, their ignorant and hypocritical beneficiaries sing their praises on the street and the internet, newspapers and magazines and on radio and television grinning from ear to ear. But many of them cheat and exploit their friends, employees and others and use their charms or scams and other sharp practices in their daily lives and businesses in their desperation for fame and fortune to impress their peers and make themselves tin gods of the downtrodden in Nigeria. But as our Messiah Jesus Christ revealed in his sermons in the Holy Bible, that by their fruits you shall know them, so they are what they do and not what they portray in their conceit and deceit. What Nigerians have done to themselves is shown in the horrible and terrible state of poverty, insecurity and instability Nigeria is in contrast to the better, healthier, richer and safer countries many Nigerians visit and prefer to live in developed nations. But when they return to Nigeria, they continue with their evil and wicked lifestyles of conceit and deceit. These rogues at large are the legions that have rubbished and tarnished the name and image of Nigeria and Nigerians in the global village, making foreigners to laugh at Nigerians when they see them flocking to the churches and mosques with their airs and graces of conscienceless and shameless fallacy and hypocrisy.

These legions milling and roaming and pretending to be law abiding fellow Nigerians are the worst enemies of Nigeria.. And they may deceive the rest of you and even the whole world, but they can never deceive God who knows us heart and soul and the whole truth about everyone He has given the breath of life. So, who is fooling whom in Nigeria?

Look first in your mirror and search into your heart and see how you have treated and still treat your fellow Nigerians in the past and in the present and tell yourself you are innocent of cheating, lying, exploiting, oppressing and killing one or more persons directly or indirectly and yet you live in denial of this truth.

~ Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima, Monday August 28, 2012.

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima, Publisher/Editor of African Beauty and other blogs and author of Children of Heaven, Sleepless Night, Scarlet Tears of London, Bye, Bye Mugabe, In the House of Dogs and other books.

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