Thursday, August 23, 2012

Nigeria is the Usain Bolt of Africa on the Internet

Nigeria Leads Africa’s Internet

Have you heard the news?
Nigeria our own beloved Nigeria is the Usain Bolt in internet speed in Africa with an average speed of 322kbps, and a peak rate of 5,674kbps, but Nigeria does not know what to do with this awesome speed on the World Wide Web, because despite the new ranking, huge amount of bandwidth capacities still lies fallow at the Nigerian shore.

As reported in The Guardian, the honourable minister of Communications Technology, Mrs. Omobola Johnson said in Abuja recently that over 7.78 terabytes of Internet capacity was lying untapped at the shores of the country, even as Internet penetration in the country remained abysmally low. The number of Internet users in the country is about 52 million, while Internet subscription was about 3.6 per cent, while she put penetration is 33 per cent.

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