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The Days of Boring Garage Doors are Over!

14 Aug 2012 14:00 Africa/Lagos

The Days of Boring Garage Doors are Over!

MUNICH, August 14, 2012/PRNewswire/ --

- Unique photo covers for garage doors from style-your-garage.com make homeowners' dreams come true.

Home owners often go to a lot of trouble when decorating the outside of their home, yet the garage door, by contrast, is often left looking boring and ugly. If you would like to change this, you should have a look at the style-your-garage.com [https://www.style-your-garage.com/us/Garage-mural/?cur=3 ] website. A wide range of stunning and stylish photo covers for garage doors is waiting to be discovered.

(Photo: http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20120814/554607 )

The principle is simple: The so-called garage billboards are printed with images that show exactly what every car owner would like to have in the garage - be it a real fighter jet, a fancy boat, a thoroughbred horse or a quaint wine cellar. The printed 3D motifs play with different perspectives,

are deceptively realistic and make passers-by stop and stare in amazement.

The photo covers are lightfast, completely weatherproof and are made from a high quality and stable material. They come with a complete installation kit and are suitable for overhead doors, side-hinged doors and sectional doors. The billboards are available for one and two-car garage doors.

The cover is not self-adhesive. Instead it is simply secured to the garage door with Velcro tape and can be easily removed at any time without leaving any residue. The online shop offers over 350 fascinating designs. Individual designs and special sizes available on request.

The unique garage door design from style-your-garage.com [https://www.style-your-garage.com/us/Garage-mural/?cur=3 ] is available starting at $229 - bewildered looks included.

A customer from Germany, for example, has used the horse motif to give his garage door a makeover and has since observed the funniest reactions from all kinds of passers-by: Cyclists double back in order to have another look at the animals. Horses stop somewhat confused and marvel at their doubles and children come over to pet them. - This is how garage doors can be fun.

But it's not only for garage doors; internal doors and walls can also add a little more color to life. More designs to give boring interiors a new look can be found at https://www.style-your-door.com [https://www.style-your-garage.com/us/Door-Billboards/?cur=3 ] and https://www.style-your-wall.com [https://www.style-your-garage.com/us/Wall-Stickers/?cur=3 ].

Text and photos in print quality are available for download in our media centre at:

https://www.style-your-garage.com/us/Press-centre [https://www.style-your-garage.com/us/Press-centre/?cur=3 ]

An overview of prices and sizes can be found at


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Photo: http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20120814/554607

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