Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Facebook Murder of A Nigerian General’s Daughter

Cynthia Ozokogu, 24, whose body was traced to a morgue in the metropolis at the weekend after declared missing since July 22, 2012. She was the last child and only daughter of Major Gen. Ozokogu (rtd). She was lured from Abuja to Lagos where she raped and murdered in a hotel by "Friends" she met on Facebook.

The Facebook Murder of A Nigerian General’s Daughter

The talk of the town since last week to date has been the horrifying gruesome rape and murder of Cynthia Osokogu, the beautiful 24 year old daughter of a retired Nigerian Army general in Lagos, Nigeria. A leading newspaper, the Daily Sun has called it the Facebook Murder, because the unfortunate victim Cynthia met her killers on the most popular social network site which has been turned into a sort of romance site by millions of Nigerian users and a hunting ground for countless Nigerian fraudsters and scam artists who are among the most dangerous predators on the internet. Cynthia is not the only victim of this lunatic fringe on the prowl; she was just the latest to make the headlines. Many GULLIBLE, IMPRESSIONABLE and VULNERABLE young girls and women have been targeted and lured by criminal minded men on Facebook and other social networks like 2GO and have been harassed and assaulted as they fell into the traps of their predators as aptly analyzed by The Guardian as being lured like moths to flames until they get burnt and killed. See the front page and page 2 and The Metro Section of The Guardian of Thursday August 23, 2012, for the special report on Beauty and the Online Beast: How Cynthia Osokugo was killed by “friends” she met on the internet. I will rephrase it as Beauty and the Internet Predator.

Only a FOOL will accept a stranger on the street and internet as a FRIEND and Facebook must be held accountable for the misapplication of the term “Friend” to lure millions of people to join the social network and this is where Google+ is better and safer than Facebook and other social network sites, because unlike Facebook, every John Doe or Jane Moe cannot be accepted and admitted into your Circle of Friends on Google+.

My advice to everyone is TO BEWARE OF FACEBOOK and other FREE FOR ALL social network sites and forums on the internet. DON’T EVER TRUST ANYBODY TO COMMIT YOUR PRIVATE LIFE INTO THEIR HANDS, because the whole world is no longer safe, because of the prevalent dog eat dog desperation for the acquisition of easy cash and the status symbols of good life in the rat race of the conscienceless materialistic society everywhere on earth.

Young girls and women are the first targets of these evil, heartless and wicked human predators on the street and on the internet posing and posturing as good looking and “God fearing” gentlemen, but they are actually devil incarnates among us; wolves in sheep clothing.


~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima, author of In the House of Dogs, Scarlet Tears of London and other books available on Amazon and other bookstores online and offline.

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