Friday, August 17, 2012

President Goodluck Jonathan's Advert Against His Haters

Worst Advert of the Week: President Jonathan’s Advert Against His Haters

TALK OF THE TOWN Worst Advert of the Week is this poster of President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria sitting and signing a book that looks more like a condolence register while an obviously sad looking child seems distracted by the bleak future of living in one of the most corrupt and insecure countries in the world. The advert would have been better showing President Jonathan and the child in a happy mood to signify that he is poised to give a bright future to Nigeria. Whoever thought of this petty advert to attack critics of the President must be one of his bad advisers who are in fact his worst enemies for making him look so paranoid. But I doubt if President Jonathan approved this advert showing up on websites on the internet.

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