Thursday, July 13, 2017

Warning To Irresponsible Nigerian Parents To Protect Our Children

There are many irresponsible Nigerian parents breeding children who grow up into irresponsible adults, because of bad parenting.

Nigerian churches and mosques should not only preach and quote the holy Scriptures, but must teach good parenting. A stitch in time saves nine. Well bred children grow up to become responsible adults and not juvenile delinquents and criminals.

Underage children sent to hawk on the streets.
Many children are maltreated and assaulted by wicked parents, guardians and predators.

Irresponsible Nigerian parents send their underage children on errands and expose them to  dangers on the streets.
Irresponsible Nigerian parents suffer their children gladly as underage housemaids and hawkers on the streets.
Several unfortunate children have been lured by kidnappers, rapists and ritual killers lurking around as predators in different parts of Nigeria.
Irresponsible Nigerian parents let their underage children go to school alone without escorting them. I have seen irresponsible parents risking the lives of their innocent children in the hands of housemaids. I have seen  housemaids struggling to take little children across the streets facing the dangers of reckless drivers.

Only irresponsible parents will leave three to four little children for an housemaid to take to and from school while their mother is at home pretending to do chores, but watching TV or chatting and gossiping with her mobile phone.

Parenting is the foundation for nation building.

There is nothing more important to a family than the children. Don't risk their innocent lives no matter the circumstances of their birth. If you are too poor and insecure to take good care of children, please don't have them. If you cannot make children happy, please don't have any child.
No child asked to be born poor and underprivileged.

Nation building begins from the cradle and not until you get to the corridors of power.
Parents are the ones who nurture well bred children to become well bred leaders of the future.

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima

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