Sunday, July 2, 2017

The African Mother Who Was killing Her Children

Mother Who Was killing Her Children

I once visited a family without realising that the woman of the house was a high-ranking witch. She and her husband had reached an agreement in the spirit realm that, out of every two children born to them, one must die. As at the time of my visit, they had a little daughter marked to die on the very day. Of course, I didn’t know this as I only visited to greet the family. As I was about to leave, the child, strapped on her mother’s back, stretched out to me with great longing, perhaps in premonition of her impending doom. I had no option than to hold her. We were to learn later that this child never, ever allowed anyone else, to carry her. So I carried her and prayed for her, oblivious of the prevailing circumstances. “Father bless this child, keep sickness away from her, keep death away from her.” And the yoke was broken! Shortly after that incident, the mother began to confess. “I killed three of my children, but the day I was to kill this one, this troublesome pastor came by and took the child from me.”

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