Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Future Is Looking Bright For Tourism in Nigeria

The Future Is Looking Bright For Tourism in Nigeria

The report by World Travel Market and Euromonitor International states that the amount of foreign tourists making their way to Nigeria is predicted to rise by at least three percent each year until 2016. The amount of people booking trips to the country is set to rise by four and a half percent by the end of 2013. This means extra money for the hotel, entertainment and travel industries. According to a recent study, Nigeria ranks first in the world for rate of hotel construction, with over forty new hotels set to open within the next half decade.

Lagos has emerged as the main site for holiday accommodation, with numerous luxury hotels in the works. Hopefully within the next decade, Nigeria will be one of the world’s premier vacation destinations. The country has everything from wildlife and breathtaking scenery to one of the world’s best film industries so it is high time that it became a hub for foreign visitors. Perhaps this could be the boost to Nigeria’s economy that will alleviate the poverty that grips some of the nation.

~ Laura Chapman

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