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Why Is President Goodluck Jonathan Desperate To Secure A Second Term By Force?

Why Is President Goodluck Jonathan Desperate To Secure A Second Term By Force?

It is has become pertinent to ask why President Goodluck Jonathan is desperate to secure a second term at all costs and by all means, because of the manner that political bribery is now being used to buy the support of governors, senators and pastors in Nigeria.

The reason why the ruling People's Democratic Party (PDP) rigged the gubernatorial election in Ekiti state to remove Dr. Kayode Fayemi of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and install their own candidate, Mr. Peter Ayodele Fayose is to secure the state for President Jonathan in the presidential election, because he must win a required minimum of votes in the south west to win the presidential election.
Without the power bloc of the south west no presidential candidate can win any presidential election. That is why the PDP is still desperate to wrestle the State of Osun from the APC and with billions of naira in his hands, President Jonathan can buy millions of votes and as at present several allegations of political bribery are making headlines.
    Pastors and priests under CAN and PFN have alleged that the N10 billion naira budgeted by the presidency to induce pastors to coerce their members to support Jonathan’s re-election have been hijacked by few ministers who call all forms of spurious meetings and collect their signature to justify the huge billions collected. Many of them spoke with the Director General of Igbo Mandate Congress (IMC) and Director of Media of General Assembly of all Igbo Christian Organizations and Ministers (GAAICOM), Rev Obinna Akukwe on conditions of anonymity claimed that they are yet to receive their own share of the over N10 billion naira budgeted for pastors and priests through the President’s goodwill. They promised a showdown with those they claimed collected money on their head and refused to give them their share.

A classified information reached me from Abuja that the PDP has a budget of N500 billion to spend on winning a second term for President Jonathan, because of the fears of losing the presidential election to Gen. Muhammad Buhari (retd), the presidential flag bearer of the APC whose verified reputation as an incorruptible administrator who has vowed not to let any corrupt public official to escape from prosecution is not good news to them. And the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan has been accused of corrupt practices by both local and international investigators, with open accusations of missing or misappropriated billions of dollars at the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) recently indicted by the investigative forensic audit done by PriceWaterHouse Coopers into the allegations of unremitted funds to the Federation Accounts as reported on and other major news channels.

The Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) is also riddled with allegations of corruption.
Chief Edwin Kiagbodo Clark, former federal government minister and Ijaw leader also called on President Jonathan to revoke the multimillion dollar pipeline security contracts awarded to ex-militant leaders, Government Ekpemukpolo, alias Tompolo, and Asari Dokubo and he also accused them of oil theft in the Niger Delta region.
    According the Wall Street Journal report, the Federal Government of Nigeria is said to be making an annual payment of over N3.6 billion to Tompolo, N1.44 billion to Mr. Dokubo, N560 million to Tom Ateke, and N560 million to Victor Ben alias Boyloaf.

    In 2011, the government had awarded a pipeline surveillance contract worth $103 million (N15 billion) to Tompolo’s Global West Vessel Specialists Limited.
They are all the most vocal backers and supporters of President Goodluck Jonathan, because they don't want a change of administration to revoke their multimillion dollar contracts.

Another multimillion dollar deal they don't want revoked is the Niger Delta Amnesty deal and investigations by the Wall Street Journals exposed the following:

    Nigeria's Former Oil Bandits Now Collect Government Cash

    Alhaji Dokubo-Asari once stalked the mangrove-choked creeks of the Niger Delta, a leaf stuck to his forehead for good luck, as a crew that he ran bled oil from pipelines and sold it to smugglers. “Asari fuel,” they called it.

    Last year, Nigeria’s state oil company began paying him $9 million a year, by Mr. Dokubo-Asari’s account, to pay his 4,000 former foot soldiers to protect the pipelines they once attacked. He shrugs off the unusual turn of events. “I don’t see anything wrong with it,” said the thickly built former gunman, lounging in a house gown at his home here in Nigeria’s capital.

There are also the billion dollar oil blocks and fuel subsidy contracts that President Goodluck Jonathan and his political mafia controlling the oil cartel of Nigeria don't want to lose in 2015.

All the chewing gum campaign speeches on transformation agenda and serving Nigerians are all bullshit and his spin doctors are just using them to hoodwink the gullible and ignorant electorate, the mere pawns in their chess of political power to control the Nigerian economy for as long as they can.

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