Monday, February 16, 2015

White Collar Crime in Nigeria: Politician Blows Whistle on Alleged Bribes

February 16 2015

Elections are due to be held in Nigeria in March and April 2015, having been postponed from February. Federal elections (for the presidency and National Assembly) are due to take place on March 28 and state elections (for governors and state assemblies) are scheduled for April 11. Against this backdrop, an interesting story concerning an individual who is currently a member of the federal legislature and who had ambitions of becoming the governor of Delta State has been in the news.
This particular individual, who had been charged with corruption in connection with his membership of a committee of the federal House of Representatives in 2009 (he was discharged on a technicality in 2012), reported to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission that certain "high-ranking members of the ruling People's Democratic Party" had demanded, and received, N750 million (approximately $4 million) from him as bribes in order to arrange for his nomination as the party's candidate for governor of Delta State. He did not win the nomination and observers are speculating as to whether he would have reported the alleged bribe demand (and giving) had he succeeded in securing the nomination. In the interim, "investigations" are ongoing.
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Source: International Law Office.

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