Friday, February 13, 2015

Cholera Has Killed Thrice More People in Bayelsa State than Ebola in Nigeria

Photo: *Cholera patients at a hospital. Credit Vanguard Newspaper.

Facts don't lie.
President Goodluck Jonathan cannot be bragging about any success in health care in Nigeria when cholera has so far killed three times more people in his home state of Bayelsa than Ebola did in the entire country Nigeria.

Please, read the report "Cholera – A Country’s Shame" in the Vanguard Newspaper of Friday, 13 February 2015..

TWO ignored factors that emphasise governments’ insensitive to Nigerians – overwhelmingly unacceptable sanitary conditions and the abysmally low levels of access to medical services – have helped in the ricocheting cholera outbreaks. Contaminated water, unhygienic handling and poor food preparations are among factors that aid rapid spread of cholera. Its high mortality rate is evidenced by the number of States reporting deaths.
The death toll arising from the cholera in Bayelsa has reached 36, with six more persons reported dead in the Ologi community of Ogbia Local Government Area (LGA).
Ogbia is President Jonathan’s LGA of origin. Several persons, including women and children, are also reported to be in critical condition in the area.
Cholera a disease caused by poor access to potable water, is prevalent in endemic proportions in Sagbama LGA, Gov Seriake Dickson LGA of origin, as well as Southern Ijaw LGA, which is the LGA of the the Speaker of the Bayelsa House of Assembly. Observers say this is an indication that political office holders couldn’t care less about their own people.
It is embarrassing that both President Goodluck Jonathan and the governor of Bayelsa State have failed to provide sanitation and simple primary health care for the least populated state in Nigeria with only 1,704,515 people.
Because, cholera is cased by poor sanitation and poor primary health care system.
What is Bayelsa State doing with N173 billion annual revenue allocations?
Show me your home and I will tell you how successful you are.
The appalling deplorable state of Bayelsa is enough proof of the failures of President Goodluck Jonathan from when he was deputy governor and governor of Bayelsa to becoming Vice President and President of Nigeria since 1999 to date.

President Goodluck Jonathan and Governor Henry Seriake Dickson of Bayelsa State.

How can the federal government fail to provide potable water and simple primary care for in Bayelsa, one of the oil producing states in the Niger Delta with a population of less than two million people! And the state collects more annual revenue allocation than Lagos State, with a population of more than 21 million people! 

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