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President Obama and the Antichristian Endorsement of Same Sex Marriage

President Obama and the Anti christian Endorsement of Same Sex Marriage

A biracial American who claims to be a "Christian" but wrote a letter to the Windy Times begging for the newspaper's support by vowing to support gay marriage and oppose any constitutional amendment to ban same sex marriage would have been the worst nightmare of the Roman Catholics.

–posted 02/09/2008 at 08:01:27, from the book Barack Obama and the American Dream: A Socio-Political Graffiti on American Politics and the rest of the World..

Only those who are ignorant of the antecedents of President Barack Obama are shocked by his audacious and preposterous defense of same sex marriage. But he is only fulfilling the promise he had made to gays as way back as 2004 whilst soliciting for the votes of liberal gays in a letter he wrote to them published by the Windy City Times.

The following is from Barack Obama and the American Dream, the book I have delayed to publish for two years until now that I believe is quite timely for it to be released to remind those who have forgotten that Obama has never really changed and the Democrats made a mistake in preferring him to Hillary Clinton, because now Americans know that she would have made a better President than Barack Hussein Obama.

Any dummy can claim to be a "Christian." In fact, even the Anti-Christ will come in the guise of a "Christian." But truthfully, by their fruits, you shall know them.
No true Christian will vote against the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).
No true Christian will vote in support of same sex marriage.

There is no such thing as gay Christians or lesbian Christians. You cannot be gay and be a Christian, and you cannot be lesbian and be a Christian. Jesus Christ said you cannot be hot and cold and that He will spit you out if you are hypocritical. Hypocrites are not Christians.

What makes you a CHRISTIAN is not claiming to be a "CHRISTIAN," but keeping the commandments of Jesus Christ—not by lip service and eye service?
There is too much hypocrisy in the masquerade of Christianity.
The reign of hypocrisy is destroying the true Christian church in America and the rest of the world.

Senator Barack Hussein Obama cannot be a true Christian and write the letter he sent to the Windy City Times in 2004, promising to vote against DOMA and to vote in support of same sex marriage because he wants gays and lesbians to vote for him.

–posted 03/01/2008 at 09:23:10

As much as it would be rational to accept the sexual orientations of others whose beliefs and peculiarities are contrary to what is natural and normal, but should we just allow them to threaten the fundamental basis and premise of human civilization and let them destroy the institution of marriage which is the bedrock of the family and our society by their abnormality and bestiality called same sex marriage?

Is it not ironical that there are now more abnormal sexual misdemeanors among humans than among beasts in the jungle?
I mean how many lions have we seen mating with lions?
Do male dogs have sex with male dogs?
Do bulls have sex with bulls?
So, we can see that the beasts in the jungle even know how unnatural and abnormal it is to indulge in same sex intercourse and the absurdity of same sex marriage endorsed by President Obama and other humans of the lunatic fringe among us.
Who is President Obama trying to hoodwink?

Would First Lady Michelle Obama be proud to witness her daughters engaged in lesbianism?
And then walk tall to see them getting married to their fellow girls in same sex marriage?
Would Michelle accept Obama divorcing her to marry a man?
Or would Obama be glad to see his beloved wife leave him for a woman and then sleep peacefully while she is having oral sex with a fellow woman?
Of course she would not pray or wish for such a calamity to befall her family, except she has gone round the bend, but she would pretend to support her husband’s hypocritical desperation to win the donations and votes of the millions in the Lesbians Bisexual and Gays (LBG) Community in the United States in his desperate attempt to lure them away from his Republican opponent in the presidential election.
It is really the saddest day in America to witness how the first black American president has degraded the exalted office of the President of the United States! And this is the man they gave a Nobel Prize?
The world has really come to an end!

This is the worst nightmare in the history of African Americans since slavery; that the symbol of their American Dream will become the mockery of the black race since Adam and Eve, because homosexuality is an alien practice among Africans until the incursions of Arabs and Europeans in the imperial bastardization of African culture.
We don’t even tolerate infidelity in marriage to even imagine two men have sex. Such mad men would be ostracized and cast into the evil forest where they truly belonged or become outcasts and slaves banished from our shores lest they would corrupt others and pollute our noble society.
We cannot bear the abnormality, depravity and insanity of using the same anus you use for defecation to have sex and then live in our midst?
Such an abomination will never be accepted or tolerated by any rational and sane human, except in hell!

Do the gays and lesbians need a presidential validation for their abnormal sexual orientation?
Would Obama’s validation end their stigmatization in the society?
Which is more imperative, the endorsement of Obama or their peace of mind?

President Barack would do anything to win an election even if he had to sell his soul the devil?

If you have the fundamental human right to express your support for homosexuality and same sex marriage, then I have the same fundamental human right to express my absolute protest against it and to reject it!

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima, aka Orikinla Osinachi.
PS: Barack Obama and the American Dream will be released before August and distributed by Amazon and other book stores worldwide.

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