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Books to Read About Nigeria

Famous Nigerian author, Chinua Achebe.

Books to Read about Nigeria

Nigeria has an extensive and turbulent history. As the most populous nation in Africa and containing vast oil reserves, it is poised to be an economic force for not only in Africa, but also the world. There are many historical and cultural points of interest in Nigeria. One of the best ways to gain a better understanding of this fascinating country is through literature. Here are some books to read about Nigeria.

  • “Nigeria and West Africa” – “Nigeria and West Africa,” from the "World's Hot Spots" series of books, presents a comprehensive and detailed historical perspective on Nigeria and West Africa. The book, written by Wendy McElroy, discusses the roots of West Africa that date back to 700 B.C., and pivotal points in its history such as colonial rule and the internal strife and violence that has gripped Nigeria, particularly during the civil war of 1967-1970. “Nigeria and West Africa” discusses how these historical events have shaped the region as a whole as well as the state of affairs in the region today.

  • “Ethnic Politics in Kenya and Nigeria” – Godfrey Mkakikagile’s “Ethnic Politics in Kenya and Nigeria” covers not only ethic politics from a comparative study point of view, but also discusses how tribalism or distinct ethnic identities, has influenced the post colonial political and cultural landscape. It goes into how corrupt dictatorships have exploited tribalism, resulting in decades of violence and strife as tribalism has been allowed expand, which has led to ethic groups fighting against each other. It also discusses the role of the overall population of the region, as quite often they have been unwilling or unable to stop the cycle of oppressive dictatorships from persisting.

  • “Things Fall Apart” – Chinua Achebe is one Nigeria's most cherished novelists and poets in Nigeria and has received worldwide acclaim for “Things Fall Apart” and his other works, such as Anthills of the Savannah and Girls at War. “Things Fall Apart” is a novel that weaves two intertwining stories about an Okonkwo, strong willed and prosperous man from a village in Nigeria. The first story follows the arc of Okonkwo's troubled life and eventual exile from the village. The second story covers how the arrival of European missionaries has resulted created a culture clash and broken the cultural fabric of village life.

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