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MultiVu Celebrates 10 Years of Innovation and Success in the Broadcast & Multimedia Industry

MultiVu Celebrates 10 Years of Innovation and Success in the Broadcast & Multimedia Industry

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New York, April 30, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — This month, MultiVu, PR Newswire’s full service multimedia and broadcast division, celebrates 10 years of providing innovative communications services to tens of thousands of companies globally.

Since its inception in April 2002, MultiVu has been committed to delivering its clients the best-of-the-best in talent, production services and multimedia platforms that allow them to create the most dynamic campaigns and engage their audiences through all of the channels on which they are active. Coupled with PR Newswire’s nearly 60-year legacy in the communications industry and superior distribution network, MultiVu’s offering remains unique and unparalleled.

“MultiVu’s success is a huge reflection of the dedicated and creative executive, sales and production teams,” said Kevin West, senior vice president, Multimedia, MultiVu. “A significant part of our team that was here during our earliest days is still with us today; with the same unwavering passion to collaborate with our clients and create a true multimedia experience for them.”

MultiVu has remained innovative and pioneering since its inception. Ten years ago, the primary goal of PR professionals was to generate traditional broadcast news coverage by using audio and video news releases. Recognizing what was coming with the increasingly important role of the Internet on news consumption, MultiVu developed products and services that would allow its clients to leverage online opportunities, distribute multiple content assets through additional channels and communicate directly with their consumers.

This foresight prepared MultiVu for the evolution of the industry as social channels emerged and consumers began to access and share multimedia information 24/7 and from mobile and tablet devices.

“Social media redefined the earned media landscape and introduced an enormous spectrum of new brand influencers,” said Todd Grossman, MultiVu’s Vice President of Sales and Client Service. “MultiVu didn’t skip a beat and expanded its traditional offerings to take advantage of these new influencers. For example, mimicking the structure of a Satellite Media Tour, a more traditional PR service, we created a new tool, the Blogger Media Tour, which gives our clients the opportunity to tap into the hugely influential network of bloggers, create shareable videos and easily measure the impact of their strategies. It has become an integral component of our comprehensive Multimedia Tour offering.”

MultiVu also ensures that its offerings are aligned with the most impactful and influential industry trends. It is the only multimedia company that offers a single, integrated tool that enables its clients to leverage the convergence of paid, owned and earned media into their strategy. The ARC Engagement Platform combines multiple assets into one branded, HTML platform that is distributed over PR Newswire’s unparalleled content distribution network to tens of thousands of traditional media, social media and online destinations, includes multiple social sharing opportunities and can be strategically placed on target websites, guaranteeing a set number of impressions. Additionally when clients update the ARC content, it is dynamically updated on any third-party site in which it was embedded.

Through continued investment in technology and an ongoing commitment to employ forward thinking people, MultiVu will continue to achieve success and remain leaders in the industry.

View MultiVu’s impressive 10-year history of innovation.

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