Saturday, September 17, 2016

Rev. Kólé Olówôfóyèkù and Experts Tackle Emotional and Domestic Violence in Nigeria

Rev. Kólé Olówôfóyèkù, President of Nigerian Development Foundation, Mrs. Laila St. Matthew-Daniel, Founder and President of ACTS Generation with Ms. Funmi Johnson, Founder of Born2BeBeautiful, Dr. Orode Doherty, Country Director of Africare in Nigeria, Dr. Cheluchi Onuobia, Executive Director of CHELD,  Ms. Nwanne Okafor, Head of Support Services, Lagos Court of Arbitration and other VIPs at the Curbing and Tackling Emotional and Domestic Violence forum organized by the Apostles in the Market Place on Saturday, September 17, 2016 at Monty Buffet on Karimu Kotun Street on Victoria Island, Lagos

Emergency Cases Hotlines in Nigeria

Ministry of Women's Affairs, Lagos State

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