Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Anti-Corruption and Happiness Go Hand in Hand - Space for Transparency

Anti-corruption and happiness go hand in hand
Transparency International, September 20, 2016
~ By Kateryna Tysbenko

At Transparency International Ukraine we compared the scores of Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index, which measures the perceived levels of public sector corruption in a country, with the Index of Economic Freedom, the Happy Planet Index and the level of tolerance of corruption in ten European countries.

The results show that the more tolerant of corruption people in a society are, the lower the country scores on the Corruption Perceptions Index. As tolerance of corruption increases, the level of economic freedom decreases confirming that corruption hurts growth and prosperity. Additionally, the results illustrate a link between intolerance of corruption and happiness: People from countries with a low tolerance of corruption usually consider themselves happier.

This demonstrates how important it is for people to stop tolerating corruption in their societies.

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