Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Top Executives in the Private Sector in Nigeria

Who are the top executives in all the different sectors of corporate Nigeria? These are outstanding Nigerian men and women who are leaders of industry and nation builders of a New Nigeria in the 21st century. Elvis Krivokuca is the Editor-in-Chief of a directory of 32 books on "Who's Who" in the private sector of Africa's largest economy published by Top Executives Publications and Rankings in the United States of America.

Nigerian Top Executives in the Entertainment & Media Industry

Nigerian Top Executives in the Advertising, Marketing & PR Industry


The book Nigerian Top Executives in the Design, Printing & Publishing Industry contains comprehensive biographies of the top 10% highest-ranked executives of Nigeria’s design, printing & publishing industry. Inclusion in the bibliography was determined according to a unique and objective criteria that consisted of a combination of total number of employees managed and visibility in international business networks. The serious academic research about business achievements makes this book a world-renowned authority with the absolute power to honor performance and recognize excellence in the industry. As the result of a comprehensive research exercise, a number of top executives were selected for inclusion in the directory.

These individuals were identified as personifying passion, courage, commitment, success, excellence and spirit. This book represents an honor of championship and recognizes the struggles endured to ascend to the top, especially by those “silent” hard working people who contributed to the advancement of their companies and to the people of Nigeria. In order to compile this work, a few million biographies were carefully analyzed. All biographies originated from public sources and were made public by the people themselves. Due to the fact that only a small fragment of Nigerian business leaders can be included in a directory of this nature, a strict selection criteria was meticulously applied and there were no exceptions.

While every effort has been made to ensure the executives that have made a difference to Nigeria’s design, printing & publishing industry have been addressed, there is a distinct possibility that the list of people included in this book is not complete, as there will always be great business leaders who strictly refrain from publishing information about themselves. It is also possible that some of the data sources employed were outdated or even inaccurate. As such, while the book contains the best information that could be found in public sources at the time of the research, it remains far from perfect.

The intention is to continue to publish this directory on an annual basis in order to gradually increase the quality and accuracy of the material contained within it. A large number of copies of the book will be provided to governmental institutions and public administration, universities and colleges, important associations and to media archives. Above all, as this unique book contains biographies of top Nigerian executives who hold precise positions in individual companies, it is deemed that the information will be of use to both professionals and the general public. Nigeria’s economy can be strengthened through stronger integration of key executives in certain industries. This book represents a small but significant contribution to the achievement of this objective.


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