Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Universal Lesson of the Success and Victory of Gen. Muhammadu Buhari

Never give up your dream and pursuit of success and victory no matter what your detractors and enemies say to discourage and pull you down

No matter what they throw at you, don't give up.
And you can still make it and succeed no matter your age and the challenge of those opposed to your dream.
In truth, the only lucky breaks you can count on are the ones you create.
The only real luck you have is you.
~Julien Smith, Co-founder and CEO, @Breather. NYT bestselling author. Also the lovechild of Tony Hawk and Topher Grace. —

Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd), the President-elect for the Federal Republic of Nigeria is the most charismatic and ironically also the most maligned presidential candidate in the political history of Nigeria since independence.

He has been vilified as much as he has been lionized by his detractors and agitator in the 2015 presidential campaign for the highest political office in Nigeria; with sponsors and supporters of the incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan saying the worst things that could be said to character-assassinate and defame any political aspirant and even wishing him dead. But he endured all their unscrupulous and ignominious attacks and insults to discourage and humiliate him so that he would give up his dream of becoming a democratically elected President of Nigeria.

Ironically, majority of his detractors are millions of Nigerians claiming to be "Christians", but have disregarded the words of God and turned to mockers and scoffers of His words on faith and hope. They cursed and swore at him for being too old to pursue his ambition to lead the nation; they queried his academic and professional credentials and conjured ghosts of his past as a military dictator with terrible TV documentaries and adverts in their unchristian and ungodly hate campaign against his legitimate presidential ambition. But his followers and supporters defended him and stood by him from the beginning to the end. And in spite of all the hate campaigns of calumny against Buhari, he attracted majority of the youths who were not even born when he was the military head of state of Nigeria from 31st of December, 1983 to 27th of August, 1985, All the atrocities they accused him of committing failed to make them hate him and instead showed him as a brave and daring national leader whose intolerance of corruption and indiscipline made him their hero and they formed the vanguard of his mission and vision of Change for the nation building of a New Nigeria in the leadership of Africa.

The fact that he contested and failed thrice for the office of President in the 2003, 2007 and 2011 elections and yet is not afraid of contesting for the fourth time is a universal lesson in dogged determination and endurance in the pursuit of success in life and turned him into a role model for millions of Nigerian youths in search of heroes among their leaders who have failed to show them exemplary leadership.

Leadership is best by example and not by lip service without sacrifice. And they saw in the indefatigable character and pragmatic actions of Buhari, the national leader they need for such a time as this tortuous period of vicissitudes in the chequered sociopolitical history of Nigeria and desirous of a solution to the precarious lives of millions of hopeless and jobless youths who need a government that will secure their future in the turbulent 21st century. A solution that the incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan and his ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) have failed to give them since May 29, 1999. And they want a change of luck. And what they need most to succeed in the world is not luck, but dogged determination and faith. Because, the size of your faith is the size of your strength.
Your faith is the spirit of your soul.

The inspiration for your motivation that propels your ambition to success and victory.

This is the lesson in the success and victory of Gen. Muhammad Buhari (retd), the "Never Say Die" presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) who has just made history by succeeding in his fouth attempt in the presidential contest for the highest political office in the biggest and largest democracy in Africa.

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima,

Nigerians Report Online

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