Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Truth About the Nigerian Crisis Since 1999 to 2014

This is the montage of the Nigerian crisis.
From dilapidated police barracks to dilapidated army barracks.
From neglected police academy to neglected defence academy.
Misappropriated revenue allocations for police and military benefits and infrastructural development have left Nigerian police officers and military officers at the receiving end of a corrupt and incompetent government since the end of the Nigerian civil war and the indignities suffered by police and military officers have gone from bad to worse since the ruling People's Democratic Party (PDP) took over power on May 29, 1999.

The civilian government of PDP is as corrupt as the past military government and the tragedy is Nigerians are now more insecure than ever before, because of the glaring maladministration of the corrupt and incompetent government. And the situation will not improve until Nigerians stop being fooled and swayed by half truths and lies of the present government that is controlled by less than 500 greedy political rulers and their accomplices, the government contractors making billions from fraudulent government contracts such as the importers of petrol and diesel for the millions of generators they import and sell to government offices, private companies, public schools, private schools, homes and for other facilities and utilities. These are the greedy political contractors in the corridors of power and their accomplices outside government who want the status quo to remain as it is and employing all people and means available to prevent change so that they will continue to plunder Nigeria.
Anyone who will support and vote for these evil doers, drug peddlers and greedy goons is their accomplice and when the time comes, do not spare such a person, because both the armed robber and the person hailing him are partners in crime and enemies of our progress.

The GEJ till 2019 Gang, be ready to reap what you have sowed..
Lest you forget, when innocent NYSC members and others were mobbed and lynched during the horrifying post election violence of 2011, none of the privileged children of these evil and wicked dealers and rulers was even bruised since they have already provided safe havens for their families in Nigeria, Dubai, the UK, US and other places where the blood thirsty political thugs and demonic terrorists cannot reach them while they pay you paltry sums in political bribery to fool you for their political propaganda of political chicanery of sycophancy and lunacy.
Such as the legions of fools selling their votes for small bags of rice and even cheap recharge cards and later come online to whine over lack of jobs for millions of school leavers and graduates, power outages and gory terrorist attacks. And the criminals after using political bribes and rigging to win elections will later kneel and prostrate before pastors and prophets in thanksgivings with their blood money and these so called men and women of God in Nigeria will collect their largess and pat them on the back. And thus the vicious circle of political and religious fallacy, hypocrisy and tribal bigotry plaguing Nigeria continues.

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