Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Is President Goodluck Jonathan At War With Nigerian Youths?

 President Goodluck Jonathan may provoke mass demonstration against his administration by millions of angry Nigerian youths before the presidential election in 2015.

The office of President Goodluck Jonathan is angry with the incessant verbal attacks on His Excellency, President Goodluck Jonathan by majority of Nigerian youths in the social media who are the largest voting bloc in Africa's most populous country preparing for another presidential election in 2015. An election that will decide the future of the nation for the best of for the worst.

The engagement of Levick, an American public relations and lobbying firm in Washington, D.C has not done much for the international image of the President since Levick does nothing more than distributing the press releases of the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that any dummy can do and for this unnecessary contract, Levick received over US$1 million.
Imagine how many jobs can be created for jobless Nigerian youths with US$1 million. That huge sum of money is enough to start a cottage industry that will employ over 1, 000 people. And recently exposed is another questionable engagement by the Nigerian embassy in America, spending over $300, 000 and $400, 000 to engage Mercury Public Affairs LLC to do the work the incompetent Nigerian staff of the embassy cannot do. But these useless PR contracts have only provoked more angst among Nigerian youths with millions of them graduating from tertiary institutions without jobs and without any social security and then the government announced that prospective National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members will pay N4,000 to process their call-up letters online when majority of them are from poverty stricken families and processing such so called call-up letter should not even cost up to N500 per person and in fact should be done online without physical trips to their respective schools.

Now the office of the President according to the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs, Dr. Doyin Okupe, is angry with critics using the social media to call the President names and has said that such critics will no be spared. And majority of these critics are Nigerian youths online.

Nigerians youths are angry, because majority of those who have been attacked, maimed and even murdered by the Boko Haram terrorists are youths.And the government has failed to account for the thousands of Nigerian youths killed in several horrifying terrorist attacks like the following cases among several others.
6 July 2013 Yobe State school shooting: 42 people, mostly students, were killed in a school attack in northeast Nigeria
14 April 2014 2014 Chibok kidnapping: Government properties, including the only girls' secondary school, attacked. At least 16 killed or missing, and 234 female students kidnapped. The Boko Haram militants said it would treat them as slaves as part of the "war booty
14 April 2014 April 2014 Abuja bombing: Two bombs explode at a crowded bus station in Abuja, Nigeria, killing at least 90 people and injuring more than 200.
20 May 2014 Jos: Twin bomb explosions kill 118 people.

A government that cannot account for the lives of the youths is an incompetent government. And now threatening to deal with them for criticizing President Goodluck Jonathan is only worsening their angst against his maladministration.

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