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Who Shot The Photographer?

26 Aug 2013 20:12 Africa/Lagos

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Industry Forces That Could Spell The Extinction Of The Professional Photographer

With The Reduction of Barriers to Entry, Copyright Infringement, And Stock Libraries Paying As Low As 20%, Photography Professionals Are Looking Elsewhere For Their Income

NEW YORK, Aug. 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Being a professional photographer in 2013 is not what it used to be.  With easy access to professional cameras causing a major reduction to barrier of entry in the industry, rampant online copyright infringement and stock libraries paying out as little as 20 percent commissions, many photography professionals are looking elsewhere for their income.

According to new findings from ImageBrief, the world's first image-request platform using crowdsourcing, as technology has advanced in recent years high-quality digital cameras are allowing more and more enthusiasts to become 'pro-sumers' thereby flooding the market with competition.  There are over 7 million photo enthusiasts in the US and at least 85% of households own a digital camera. The competition for selling images has become more intense, with hundreds of millions of images in stock libraries and growing. With one-third of the photographers in the US turning to these libraries as a primary source of income the need for these resources to pay them for their work is instrumental to keeping the photographers in business.
"Our hope is that the industry will begin to make some changes to allow room for more creative people to make their living through photography," says Simon Moss, CEO of ImageBrief.  "If we are fair with the talent, we will promote better work and from that I believe, more customers and a flourishing industry."

About ImageBrief:
ImageBrief is a world-first online marketplace connecting creative and marketing professionals to a curated network of more than 7,500 high-quality professional photographers in 115 countries. Buyers simply post a brief for an image requirement and photographers respond by submitting images tailored to the buyer's request. ImageBrief has offices in New York, London and Sydney and counts Saatchi & Saatchi, DDB, Ogilvy, BBDO, Conde Nast, JWT and other tier-one organizations as clients.

For information on this Infographic or to speak with Simon Moss, the CEO of ImageBrief about the current state of the industry or about ImageBrief please contact Michelle Fox at FGPR, 212-334-1212 or email

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