Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Nigeria Are You Ready? D'Adshas & Alabai Are Coming To Your City!

Nigeria Are You Ready? D'Adshas & Alabai are about to invade a city near you!!!

Princess Deo and Shosho - two gorgeous sisters that make up the Afro-Pop group called D'Adshas, have come a long way and in such a short time have established a name in the music industry. 

The talented, energetic duo have released top bangers "Ima", "Omo Naija" and "Temptation (ft General Pype)" - all of which have received favourable reception and loads of airplay & blog features.

Their follow up singles "50/50" and "Money Love" which were released this year have been getting positive receptions everywhere with the video for "50/50" being aired on most Terrestrial & Satellite Video channels.

To capitalize on the success of their music releases, they are embarking on a tour of major Nigerian cities to bring D'Adshas experience to their core fans and they are not doing it alone. They will be touring with the hot-in-demand crooner Alabai whose singles - "Ogbanje" & "Your Bobo" have dominated the charts

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