Friday, August 2, 2013

Annie Inyang Speaks On the Exclusivity of Angel Champagne

Annie Inyang

An Interview with Annie Inyang the Business Director of Palatially Interlink Nigeria Limited, marketers of Angel, the world’s most exclusive champagne, on the occasion of Royal Lifestyles Group’s sponsorship of Miss Nigeria beauty Contest

Q: Good morning, please let’s know a bit about you.
Annie: Hello my name is Annie Inyang, I am the business director for Palatially Interlink Nigeria Limited. Palatially Interlink is into the collection of luxury wines and spirits around the world. For now our signature brand in the country is called Angel Champagne soon to be joined by other brands in our product portfolio.
Q: How long has Angel Champagne been in Nigeria?
Annie: Angel champagne has been in Nigeria for two years. Our marketing strategy  is the subtle and personalized approach. We supply only on request to our esteemed clientele.
Q: Who are your target clientele?
Annie:  Our target clientele include wine connoisseurs, high net worth individuals for which luxury brand collection is a form a lifestyle, individuals for whom exclusivity is not only desirable but also expected of them. The kind of individuals at whose auspices you do not expect to see anything that is run of the mill, you expect the most exotic and the most special. I am talking about the initiated of top-echelon world class luxury. And there are quite a lot of such individuals here in Nigeria today.
Q: How affordable is Angel Champagne?
Annie: Angel champagne is affordable to our target clientele. To these clientele, pricing and affordability are not problems.

Annie: Apart from consumption, it is also a worthy gift item. It is also becoming popular among collectors as a store of value for speculative purposes.
Q: What are the prospects for Angel Champagne here in Nigeria?
Annie: Our progress has been tremendous but we still have a lot of heights to conquer and we are ready for the Nigerian market and believe it or not, the Nigerian market is also quite ready and ripe for palatially and Angel Champagne. We are on point.

Q: What has the response of Nigerians been so far to Angel Champagne?
Annie: Like I said, ours is a very exclusive target clientele. This represents a percentage of the economy and we are not programmed to try and reach outside that close knit of connoisseurs because then it will amount to de-marketing of the product. So with this close knit demography, we have been getting very good response. Also we know that Nigeria is a land of opportunities and we are open to whatever other good openings the society has to offer.
Q: What marketing Strategies have you employed to get more of the small demography you talked about to patronize Angel?
Annie: We combine with the marketing selling points of our other corporate partners, quintessentially and Recherché Events to present a full bouquet of options to our clientele and that helps the whole system to cater better for our clients because the demands are always interwoven.
Q: What Corporate Social Responsibilities is Angel Involved in as a bridge between the economic divide between your clientele and the rest of society?
Annie: Palatially is involved in a lot of charities but we do not make noise about it. Most things we do about the Angels Champagne and our other brands are exclusive, our marketing approach is subtle and that is also the approach we employ in giving back to society.

Q: What roles did Angel Champagne play tonight at Miss Nigeria?
Annie: Apart from sponsorship, Angel Champagne came in tonight to felicitate with the new Queen, who is an ambassador of our dear country and our corporate partner, quintessentially.   We came in to present her with a vintage limited edition of the Champagne for her to celebrate with her friends and her family.

~ By  Mr. Ingram Adichie Osigwe
MD/CEO Fullpage International Communications Limited

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