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New Marketing Communications Strategy for Titus Sardines Unveiled in Lagos

Mr. Mohammed Edderkaoui, Global Marketing Director of UNIMER Group SA of Morocco announcing the new marketing communications strategy for Titus.

UNIMER Group SA Morocco Unveils New Marketing Communications Strategy for Titus Sardines for Nigeria and Pan-Africa Market. 

Titus Sardines brand has been in the Nigerian canned fish market for over 80 years now and the producers UNIMER Group SA of Morocco unveiled a new marketing strategy to maximize the popularity of the Titus brand in Nigeria.

Sir Emma Bishop Okonkwo, OFR, Chairman of Ekulo Group.
Chief and Mrs. Sylvester Obiakor, major distributors of Titus Sardines in Nigeria.

The red carpet event presented by Mohammed Edderkaoui, Global Marketing Director of UNIMER Group SA held on Tuesday 27th of August, 2013 at Lagos Sheraton Hotel & Towers in Ikeja attracted Sir. Emma Bishop Okonkwo, OFR, Chairman of the Ekulo Group, Mr. Emeka Oramadike, Marketing Manager of Ekulo Group of Companies,, Chief Sylvester Obiakor and Mrs. Obiakor, Mrs. Cicly Adanma of Reddington Hospital, Mrs. Pet Anyi Obi of Soltito Events, Mrs. Nonye Okwara, CEO of Events Gallery, Susan Eyo-Honesty, Publisher of Glam & Essence, Nollywood star Hakeem Rahman, guest performing artiste Chawa Khali, Mr. Biodun Kupoluyi, Publisher of E247 magazine, Ms. Clara Okoro, CEO of Brand World TV, Ms. Uche Akolisa, Life Editor of Business Hallmark magazine, Mr. Ingram Osigwe, MD/CEO of Fullpage International Communications Limited and other dignitaries, including all the major news media channels like Silverbird TV, Channels TV, Brand World TV, Daily Sun, Entertainment Express, Newswatch, National Mirror, The Guardian, The Nation, Ovation International magazine and others.

Chief Sylvester Obiakor, Mr. Mohammed Edderkoui, Mrs. Obiakor and Sir Emma Bishop Okonkwo.
Barrister Ndubuisi Akwuegbu and Mr. Ingram Osigwe.
Chief Odun Fadoju, CEO of DP Partnership presenting the new marketing strategy for Titus Sardines in multimedia.
Mr. Emeka Oramadike.
Dr. Obiefuna Okoli.

.The UNIMER Group SA reinforced their commitment to injecting variety into the Nigerian market to sustain consumers’ ability to make choices out of many available brands. By unveiling new marketing strategies for canned Titus Sardines, the two companies are also irrevocably committed to ensuring that Nigerian consumers are provided with the best brands available all over the world.

Ms. Susan Eyo-Honesty.
Ms. Clara Okoro.
Mr. Biodun Kupoluyi.
Mr. Kingsley and Mr. Gerald Opuruozor of Franchise Law and Kenneth.
Mr. Mohammed Edderkaoui.

The Global Marketing Director of UNIMER Group SA, Mohammed Edderkaoui said with good business partners like Ekulo and other major distributors, Nigerians are assured of constant supply of premium Titus Sardines brand. Edderkaoui explained that canned Titus Sardines have huge brand integrity established in almost hundred years and also available all over the world.

To ensure that the brand is etched permanently on the consciousness of consumers, DP partnership and Draft FCB Africa Ltd, one of Nigeria’s major players in the advertising industry has the mandate of the brand owners to create world class marketing strategies to drive Titus Sardines. Essentially, the new strategy for marketing Titus canned Sardines is being driven by comprehensive holistic platforms, including television commercials, radio jingles, outdoor, social media advertising among others.
Titus is a premium brand of Sardines which has been trusted for generations all over the world. It enjoys the pedigree of being around for over 80 years and is known for its high quality, great taste, aroma and nutritional values. It is rich in Protein, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12 and contains heart-friendly oils.
Titus canned Sardines can also be used with bread as sandwich and also comes in handy in preparing small chops such as fish rolls. It is also excellent for rice, spaghetti, yam and host other dishes to which it adds great taste and flavour..
Mrs. Cicly Adanma and Mrs. Pet Anyi Obi.

Princess Tupee Iyase with a guest.

Mrs. Pet Anyi Obi and Mrs. Nonye Okwara.
Mrs. Pet Anyi Obi, Mr. Ingram Osigwe and Mrs. Nonye Okwara.
Mr. Ingram Osigwe and Dr. Obiefuna Okoli.

Hostesses Akunna and Ugochi pose with the Titus Sardines.

Chawa Khalik and his two female dancers performing at the event.
The smiles for Titus.
Nollywood star Hakeem Rahman and Chawa Khalik.
Mr. Mohammed Edderkaoui and hostesses Akunna and Ugochi.

Ms. Clara Okoro posing with hostesses and a photographer.
Mr. Mohammed Edderkaoui and hostesses.

Mr. Oparaji Chukwunonso of Kre80graphik Services, Events Photographer.  

Titus Sardines represent an invaluable source of fish protein and will go a long way in helping to balance the nutrition need of Nigerians. The Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) some years back estimated that animal protein consumption of Nigerians was only two percent of the recommended level. Canned Titus Sardines are rich in fish protein with many advantages over meat and other sources. This is largely because, according to the FAO, fishes are more affordable, more digestible and nutritious. T itus Sardines contain more Lysine and essential Amino Acids than meat and are devoid of Cholesterol.

Protein from Titus canned Sardines is 70 percent assimilated through the human alimentary Channel, compared to less than 15 percent of meat and less than 10 percent for vegetable proteins. Researchers are of the view that regular consumption of Titus canned Sardines may reduce the risk of diseases ranging from childhood asthma to prostate cancer. The product is low in fat, high in protein and an excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids.

In fact the Omega 3 fatty acids in Titus canned Sardines may reduce the risk of many types of cancers by 30 to 50 percent, especially of the oral cavity, esophagus, colon, breast and ovary. Health and nutrition experts also credit canned Titus Sardines with efficacy in reducing the risk of heart diseases and stroke by reducing blood clots and inflammation, improving blood vessel elasticity, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood fats and boosting good cholesterol.

Breast feeding and expectant mothers who develop the habit of consuming canned Titus Sardines reap the benefit in the mould of giving birth to babies with bright eyesight. In the case of pregnant women, experts say intake of canned Titus Sardines hugely helps reducing the risk of having premature babies.

UNIMER Group SA says in re-invigorating the marketing strategies of the brand, it aims to resuscitate the menus of Nigerian home makers across all the economic strata and also to boost the protein intake of the populace without necessarily digging a hole in the pockets of Nigerians as canned
... Life is better with TITUS!

Media Consultant: 
 Mr. Ingram Adichie Osigwe
MD/CEO, Fullpage International Communications Limited.

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