Friday, December 23, 2011

Sylvafrank Introduces Bullion Cubes and Mackerel In Tomato Sauce

Sylvafrank Introduces Bullion Cubes and Mackerel In Tomato Sauce

~ By Ingram Osigwe

In cooking, seasonings include herbs, spices and special additives are used to enhance the taste of recipes, especially sauce, soup, stew and marinade. To season and to flavor, may be described as different aspects of cooking. Seasonings are usually salt-based additives used to magnify the natural flavor of food ingredients, making it richer and more delicate depending on the dish. Flavourings on the other hand, are herbal (and in Africa, lentil seed based) condiments added to recipes, to enhance the aromatic qualities of the food, thus enhancing its ability to stimulate the taste buds, making food more appealing to the consumers.

In modern times however, food technologists have been able to combine the natural qualities of herbs and lentils with the strong tastes of salt , to produce special seasonings which come in whole packages, either as pastes, powders or cube format. After the successes of St.Rita tomato paste, Sylva Frank Nigeria limited, has decided to raise the ante a little higher in its bid to make cooking a pleasurable activity for wives and caterers all over the nation. Come 1st Quarter of 2012, Sylva Frank will introduce Bullion cubes to market. It will be a trail blazer in the seasoning sector of the condiments market because it will combine all the qualities of existing brands while at the same coming in different varieties and a good price. Bullion cubes will have all the vitamins and minerals recommended by the American FDA for a normal daily intake by all human beings, as well as salt and extracts of local herbs, spices and lentil seeds; more than all that, it will come at a highly affordable price.

Also taking into consideration the high price of good quality mackerel in tomato paste these days, and the proliferation of poor quality mackerels in the market today, Sylva Frank is also to hit the market stand with its own brand of mackerel in tomato paste. Especially packed with mackerel from Japanese trawlers, Sylva frank mackerel will combine all the excellent qualities of fish as the best source of animal protein in the world, with the excellent taste of well preserved mackerel and as well as the good food qualities of tomato, to present a wholesome good package for wives and caterers all over the country. Tomatoes come with lycopene which reduces chances of cancer in human in human beings, mackerel, like all fishes come with fish liver oil which is rich in vitamin E, and good for the heart, and also has a high concentration of Lysine, the most digestible form of protein. Sylvafrank mackerel will combine all these qualities in addition with their special brand characteristics of excellent quality and good taste as well as good prices and availability in the market.

As Sylvafrank wishes all their customers an excellent yuletide, they are also informing them of the prospects of an excellent new year with excellent new products.

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