Thursday, December 15, 2011

Kogi Women Professionals Lagos Branch Felicitate With Capt. Wada

Captain Idris Wada, the newly elected Governor of Kogi State.

Kogi Women Professionals Lagos Branch Felicitate With Capt. Wada

Taking a cue from President Goodluck Jonathan and the Secretariat of the ruling People's Democratic Party, (PDP), the Federation of Kogi Women Professionals, Lagos State Chapter on Friday congratulated the new governor-elect of Kogi State, Captain Idris Wada.

The women expressed their joy at the ushering in of what they described as a new wind of hope into their beloved state. According to them, prolonged rule by Audu has turned the state in an object of national ridicule and a failure. They confirmed the fact that Capt. Wada is the best candidate that the state could possibly get and were overjoyed that he even agreed to contest for the elections at the risk of having his sterling profile tainted on the altar of politics by calculated negative propaganda.

They assured the governor elect that the women and people of Kogi State are aware of his true intents and that he has their maximum support. Speaking on their behalf, in response to the barrage of negative publicity being directed towards the governor elect, their coordinator, Aladi Christiana Ameh, exhorted the governor elect saying: “we know that all they are saying is for politics; their own personal lust for power, and not for the people of Kogi State, we know that if Captain Idris were in their camp, they would go to any length to protect his image. We know that they are only lamenting that their candidate was just not good enough, we know all that. Let the governor elect know that we are not fooled!” The women professionals expressed their renewed hope in the PDP for being able to discover and field a candidate of Wada’s pedigree and stature in their beloved state, saying that at last, the party is waking up to the challenges of ‘The Politics of National Reconstruction’ and even went as far as attributing this new development to the wisdom of the party’s national leaders, especially President Goodluck Jonathan.

It will be recalled that against massive negative propaganda instituted by the ACN against his candidature, Idris Wada went ahead to achieve a landslide victory against his opponents at the polls, beating the next best candidate, Audu of Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) by three votes to one! The victory made complete nonsense of the allegations of psychological problems, leveled against Wada by the ACN as a means of discrediting Wada. Commenting on the polls, the Lagos based Kogi women professionals attributed Wada’s victory to his state of the art grassroots campaign stratagem. They faulted the ACN, pointing out that if they had given their attention to convincing the poor people in the state’s rural areas that they can deliver, they might have gotten better results at the polls. Rather they concentrated on spoiling the image of their opponent on the national media, which unfortunately, didn’t have much bearing on the voting dynamics of the people of the state.

The women professionals made a strong appeal to the governor elect, to involve women in his cabinet, more than his predecessors. They also pleaded with him to continue in his campaign trend of empowering rural women especially in the areas of micro-credit empowerment for agriculture and small businesses, health and gender related issues which disfavor rural women, stressing that these rural women are the true mothers of the nation.

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