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Who is Afraid of Captain Idris Wada?

Captain Idris Wada

Who is Afraid of Captain Idris Wada?

~ By Ibrahim Usman

Americans have a perfect word for it, they call it a ‘cop out’, it is a perfect loser’s way of turning tail rather than stand up for a fight! An incompetent amateur who happens upon a pair of boxing gloves by accident, wants to impress his girlfriend and family members by signing up for a bout in the ring! But unfortunately (or should we say fortunately for him?) before the fight, somebody tells him the bitter truth which is he might end up with a permanently broken jaw. So how does he avoid self destruction, he says the other boxer is not good enough for him and walks away! In a way it is a manner of eating the humble pie and admitting one’s inabilities and facing the truth. But at the same time, it is also very annoying for the spectators who have spent their hard earned money to come see a fight, only to be fed that arrant nonsense! For such crowd, the lily livered fool deserves nothing but a lynching!

No matter the number, variety and complexity of under-hand, illegitimate and intriguing methods that people may employ in playing politics, the fact remains that the real game is played at the polls; that is the real arena; the real turf, that is the real boxing ring! Every other method is just a shameless and gutless shenanigan and should be booed by those whose time and money is being wasted. Some people go into politics just to have it recorded in their curriculum vitae! Just so that they will be described as onetime gubernatorial aspirants; just so they will be qualified to rub shoulders with the real players; that is a shenanigan, a way of insulting the intelligence of the masses and taking them for granted. There should be a punishment for such activities because it is deceptive and very dangerous. If an incompetent fool drums up enough sympathy for his shameless self by painting the others in bad colours and misleads the people into voting him into office, the effects is usually disastrous for the electorate. It is such a fool that finds a reason to point an accusing finger at someone else for all the failures of his governments! By their precedents you shall know them. An aspirant who fights free and fair will administer a fair government. But a fool who abandons his campaign to go and smear his opponents name and pedigree in court in order to have an unavailable injunction will most likely abandon his duties as governor to gallivant abroad with loot from state treasury and leave the poor masses to suffer.

For having the guts to take the people for granted like this, this Mr. Emmanuel Abalaka and all his cohorts should be banned from politics! How can you be so treacherous as to go and exhume the medical records of a man that dates back as far as 1976 in order to use it against him in the polls? The disgusting thing is the cheapness and obviousness of it all. In the process of digging into Wada’s background, he must have found a whole lot more good things than bad things about him. If indeed Abalaka’s motive was to educate the electorate by telling them the truth and protecting them from the wrong candidate, why not go to the press and display Wada’s good qualities as well as his bad qualities and let the masses whom he will rule decide whether they want him or not? Why go to court and try to prevent the masses from having the opportunity of electing a man with a pedigree and proven capabilities that are so great that he is obviously the only worthy candidate for the governorship of Kogi state, a candidate for whom other states envy Kogi State.

If Wada has a psychological problem, why does it have to be revealed before people know of it? Why does it have to be dug out of 35 year old records? Does one go mad for one year and be sane for 35 years? Can the doctors that examined him be brought to court to testify about what they observed and the true implications; as different from the grossly overblown and maliciously implied lies of Abalaka and his cohorts? How does a man have psychological problems and still go ahead to become a first class pilot, with credentials such as: Nigerian Airline Transport Pilot License No.992, British Airline Transport Pilot License No.1 04990, USAlFM Air Transport Rating No.2223411, Rated on B737, B727, B707, DC8, F28, HS-125, and BAC1-11 Jet. NCAA designated Type and Instrument Rating Examiner? If a man is diagnosed as having psychological problems by a Nigerian doctor but was conferred with first class flying certificates by Both British and American Pilot Training institutions, then are we saying that both the British and Americans are fools? Didn’t Wada undergo psychological tests in both countries before he was conferred with flying certificates in both countries? Little minds like Abalaka are ignorant of the fact that Physiological and Psychiatric tests are constant checks and balances in lives of Pilots and aviators.

Are we now saying that a faceless and obscure Nigerian doctor in a then newly established UCH has a superior diagnosis to that of two Pilot Training institutions in the two countries that invented airplanes and dictates the standards of airlines travel and technologies? This Abalaka really takes Kogi Indigenes and the Nigerian masses for fools!

Sometimes in life, geniuses who have records like Wada, which can easily be misread and misinterpreted: 1. Albert Einstein was ‘culled’ from school by his own father after the school teacher described him as ‘unstable and unteachable’! The same Albert Einstein went on to invent the mathematical laws that forms the basis of nuclear physics and atomic technology today. 2, C.S. Lewis was said of by his tutor: ‘I don’t know what can be done with him; I don’t think he will amount to much’. But C.S Lewis became the greatest bible philosopher of all times, explaining biblical principles in contemporary times better than all the apostles of old.

Jerry Rawlings is the only pilot we know in West Africa who ascended into government. Now Ghana as we know it today was transformed by Jerry Rawlings’ efforts. Where at one time Nigerians were pursuing the Ghanaians out of our country, today the reverse is the case with Ghanaians restricting Nigerians who are rushing into their country to do business because of the excellent economic atmosphere created by Jerry Rawlings, a pilot’s efforts. The time has come for Kogi people to appropriate for themselves the blessings that God has deposited in their hands through the virtues in Wada. Let us not be deceived; let’s shun petty politics and politics of blatant foolery; let us not allow any baboons to pull the wool over our eyes; let us rise en masse and vote Captain Wada as the next governor of Kogi State. The time has come for Kogi to rise and shine like Ghana under Jerry Rawlings; Capt, Idris Ichalla Wada is the way and the key, he holds all the promise.

Ibrahim Usman writes from Okene, Kogi state.

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