Friday, November 25, 2011

Two Brides And A Baby, Changing Faces And Imala Are Must Watch This Season

The top three must watch Nollywood movies before the end of this year are the following.

1. Two Brides and A Baby by Teco Benson
2. Changing Faces by Faruk Lasaki.
3. Imala by Andy Amenechi

Two Brides and A Baby is one of best new movies out of Nollywood and done professionally.

The thrilling story focuses on keche and Bankole, on what they thought was a perfect union. They planned for a beautiful wedding ceremony and hoped for a blissful life thereafter. , until the unexpected happens. Now they must together fight for what they believe in or forever lose their hope of a happy life together.

Changing Faces is the first Nigerian movie dubbed in French to be shown in France and at the Cannes Film Festival, Cairo International Film Festival, Africa Diaspora Film Festival in New York, Ecrans Noirs Film Festival in Cameroon, Zuma Film Festival in Abuja and at the Eko International Film Festival in Lagos.

Nollywood diva Alex Lopez as Franca and Marc Baylis as Dale in "Changing Faces".

The romantic thriller features popular Nigerian and British stars like Alex Lopez, Keppy Ekpenyong, Marc Baylis rated as the hottest foreign actor in a Nigerian movie and Rachael Young the black and sexy actress.

Imagine how you would feel if you caught your darling born-again Christian husband having raunchy sex with your housemaid.

Marc Baylis and Rachael Young in "Changing Faces".

You can see how the whole romantic drama played out when Changing Faces opens at the Silverbrd Cinemas and other cinemas on December 16, 2011.

Imala has been rated as one of the best movies to come out of Nigeria after premiering in London and Dublin.

The movie centres on the story of Segilola a teenager who fell in love with Bankole, a 27-year old undergraduate. Segilola's naivety and lack of sex education put her in a life and career threatening situation. She was rejected and had to chart a new course for herself completely impervious of life's challenges. The movie tackles the issues of unplanned pregnancy, unsafe abortion, and HIV/AIDS. While addressing these serious topics, the movie uses comic relief, popular music, and a strong story line to draw teens' interest.

Filmed in Yoruba and subtitled in flawless English, IMALA would be dubbed into Hausa, Igbo, and French.

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