Thursday, September 10, 2020

The Nigerian Screenplay That Can Win The Academy Awards

By the Grace of Almighty God, I have already coauthored the screenplay that can be made into a feature that can win #Oscars of The Academy  Awards for Best Original Screenplay; Best Picture, Best Director; Best Production Design; Best Cinematography; Best Score and Best Actress.
I have already watched the romantic drama on the screen of my mind.
I already know my cast and crew.
I already know the right director.
American Director; Nigerian Producer; French Cinematographer; African American or Nigerian male actor for leading male role and a dark skinned Nigerian young woman not more than 21 year old for the leading female role.

The fact is in order to avoid the shenanigans in #Nollywood, I may turn it into an American film by simply making the leading male an African American photographer from National Geographic on an assignment in the Niger Delta of Nigeria.
Too many shenanigans in  both Nollywood and Corporate Nigeria by emotionally, intellectually and professionally immature and insecure people. And it may take a century to wait for them to grow up.

Nigerian filmmakers have not qualified for the nominations for The Academy Awards and the Official Selections of the highly esteemed Cannes Film Festival and Venice Film Festival, because of the intellectual and professional ignorance of majority of the filmmakers who have the skills, but lack the honesty and humility to admit their intellectual and professional ignorance.

Making a great movie or documentary film that can qualify for the nominations for Academy Awards and the Official Selections of the Cannes Film.Festival and Venice Film Festival is not rocket science, but simple commonsense. But unfortunately even commonsense is not common in the Nigerian film industry and Corporate Nigeria.
Their most common characteristics are conceit, deceit and greed.

The coauthor of the screenplay is a genius with PhD in Film Studies and directed the sequel to the phenomenal "Living in Bondage" film of 1992 and has directed award winning movies since 1993 to date.

By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima,

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