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Top Best 10 Countries for Nigerian Students to Study Abroad

Top Best 10 Countries for Nigerian Students to Study Abroad

~ Alyssa Johnson.

There are far more graduates from Nigerian schools determined to enter University than public and private universities can admit. So Study Abroad is a great possibility for many young students. The destination they choose influences all their life. There are a number of factors that young people should consider: tuition fee, work opportunities, language policy, living conditions.
The Federal Scholarship Board by the Federal Ministry of Education of Nigeria provides an opportunity to get an international scholarship for Nigerian students for 2016/2017 as a part of Bilateral Educational Agreement (BEA). The important requirement is the destination country language knowledge. There are available scholarships for Nigerian undergraduates in fields of Geology, Architecture, Engineering, Agriculture, Languages, Sports, Biotechnology, Social Sciences, Law, and others. The postgraduates can apply for a scholarship in all fields to get Masters Degree and Ph.D. level. The list of scholarship exams in Nigeria to study abroad as well as of all the other requirements is available. The countries which participate in the BEA are Russia, China, Japan, Ukraine, Tunisia, Mexico, Turkey and others.

10. China
Being the home for more than 20% of world's population, China is a land of a great variety of lifestyles and natural conditions, abundant in prominent colleges and universities. There are Chinese government scholarships for Nigerian students. The students who are awarded them are expected to represent Nigerian culture in China and get to know the country where they are studying, to make friends with locals, and to study hard.

9. Russia
It may be good for personal growth to study in one of the world biggest countries with beautiful scenery. It is recommended for Postgraduate rather than Undergraduate studies, as Russian universities are moving towards the Western approach in education. You can choose from a range of universities in different cities and get education free or at a relatively low cost. The cost of living in Russia is not very high either.

8. Ukraine
This country is also a participant of BEA. Ukraine offers great educational opportunities, especially for studying Programming, Engineering and Medicine, low-cost living and job opportunities for students and graduates.
There is a serious drawback: the languages of these countries are quite difficult to study. This is the reason, why the countries with the courses in English are preferable destination points. Even when the academic assignments in English are too difficult, there are always essays for sale.

7. Ghana
Ghana traditionally attracts a lot of foreign graduates offering courses in English and admission requirements being relatively low. Though, the latest trend is that a great number of the Nigerian students – sometimes, up to 90% – attends private institutions of Ghana, run by faith-based organizations or individuals. They offer low-quality education with tuition fees lower than at public universities and colleges. Officials at the Nigerian High Commission in Ghana warn parents and the students to consider choosing other destination.

6. Malaysia
The Government of Malaysia offers International Scholarships, the living is not very expensive, as well as tuition fees, and the academic qualification of Malaysian Universities is globally recognized. Though, it is not very comfortable to study there due to local authorities negative attitude towards Nigerian students.

5. Finland
Foreign students can find various courses in English and several tuition-free Universities, for example, Helsinki University of Technology, University of Lapland, Hanken Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration. However, the living in Finland is not cheap at all, and the winter is the longest season here.

4. South Africa
South African universities collaborate with European and American universities for research purposes. It provides great opportunities for the students from Nigeria. Most popular universities are situated in Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Stellenbosch.

3. Canada
Canadian educational institutions are famous for the quality of education. Canada offers a variety of programs, taught in English and is friendly to foreign students. There are yearly scholarships available for African students, most popular of which is MasterCard Foundation Scholarship. Canadian High Commissioner to Nigeria, Mr. Perry Calderwood, claimed that the number of the Nigerian students in Canada in 2014 was more than 6000, and they easily integrated with the local multicultural society.

2. United States
Nigerian students who are ready to depart for their American Dream can choose among a great number of study abroad programs and can get a full or partial scholarship, which is essential, as the prices are quite high.
In 2014 it was claimed by US Embassy that more than 7000 Nigerian students have chosen one of 700 education institutions to obtain undergraduate and graduate levels. Most popular of them are Harvard, Standford, Yale, Chicago, Cornell and Massachusetts Universities. As well as in Canada, they can apply for MasterCard Foundation Scholarship.

1. UK
United Kingdom is said to be Number One destination to study abroad. The number of Nigerian students in higher education in the UK constantly increases. It is no surprise, as the UK offers great courses in English, has great educational traditions, history, and rich culture. There are available Nigerian scholarships to study abroad for Postgraduate at University of Dundee (Scotland, UK), London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, London, UK and others.

Remember, that study abroad is a great opportunity to bring value to your homeland and take part in the development of Nigeria after your return.

©Alyssa Johnson is a blogger whose lifestyle credo is “Education is the key to self-development and empowerment”.

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