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The Islamist Crusade

13 Jul 2012 21:38 Africa/Lagos

New Book Authored By Gennaro Buonocore, Published by Jackson Hill Press: Failure of European Multiculturalism: The Islamist Crusade

New Book Examines When Tolerance leads to Terrorism

ORANGE COUNTY, Calif., July 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Worldwide, for many, the promise of prosperity and freedom that western nations offer, at least in theory, has been enough to leave everything behind to start anew. This has meant separation from family, friends, language, culture and nearly everything that is familiar. For many immigrants, it is a price worth paying. Up until recent years it was a price the immigrant expected to pay. As western nations financially struggle few question the "political correctness" of old policies and attitudes while dramatic realities are occurring.

"Words like tolerance and multicultural are well meaning," says Gennaro Buonocore, co-author of Failure of European Multiculturalism: The Islamist Crusade, "however, the realities of trying to please everyone is not workable and quite frankly disastrous when we are talking about radical Islam." Buonocore states that we cannot underestimate the importance of this issue to the ordinary citizen, "Most people want to keep a roof over their heads, care for their family, and remain financially afloat. Terrorism may still seem like a far-removed issue but it simply is not. In fact, it is breaking down our doors."

Buonocore's book is an up to date look, from two insiders, at the clear failure of European member nations' policies with regards to the integration of the last wave of immigrants. Supported by an impressive load of facts and data, the book sounds the alarm to a continent that is headed to financial meltdown and an unprecedented economic crisis. At a time when Europe desperately needs to pull together, there is little room for self-serving groups with divisive goals.

The authors point out, in no uncertain terms, that this proven reality, coupled with the threat of radicalization of the poorer disenfranchised immigrant classes, could very well lead to an imminent "European Spring" of Islamist matrix or, at the very least, to massive security threats and social strife. Not a call to arms, but a call to action, this book is an honest look at what European member nations must admit before it is too late.

It also offers a glimpse of what could happen to other diverse societies such as the United States if policies are not re-examined. The book is a chilling reminder of how Islamic fundamentalism is an expanding threat within the context of nations who fail to recognize the true challenges of multicultural integration as well as an honest look at Arab Spring outcomes and the challenges that await emerging nations who are being threatened by fundamentalist takeover as is the case in Egypt.

"We can easily wake up tomorrow and see that our allies are no longer our allies and our enemies are breathing down our necks. Eurabia is not a threat; it is a promise if actions are not taken. This is not the first time someone has made a case for this issue to be taken seriously and I'm not the first person to identify the potential outcome if policies don't change. It's simply a drum that needs to be beaten until the noise becomes too loud to ignore," says Buonocore, "too much is at stake."

Failure of European Multiculturalism: The Islamist Crusade is available in bookstores and online retailers across the nation as well as in Kindle format at Buonocore's next book "Quissa Mar: The Afghan Story Maker," is expected out the winter of 2012.

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