Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fuel Subsidy Fraud Being Perpetrated by the Nigerian Government

Fuel Subsidy Fraud Being Perpetrated by the Nigerian Government

National President of NUPENG, Achese Igwe, said it was high time Nigerians asked questions on why the refineries had been allowed to be in comatose and the diversion of its crude products for refining in the open market, while their refined products were returned to look like the imported.

~ The Guardian of Nigeria

According to the National Union of Petroleum and National Gas Workers (NUPENG) of Nigeria, the government deliberately abandoned the four refineries in the country and diverted crude oil to the open market for offshore refining and later returned the crude oil products as imported petrol and kerosene to be sold to ignorant Nigerians at inflated prices.

The President of Nigeria cannot claim to be ignorant of this criminal act of economic sabotage, because crude oil cannot be taken out of Nigerian territories without the knowledge of the Ministry of Petroleum, even if the management is incompetent.

The government is riding for a fall by deliberately abandoning the refineries and then diverting the 445, 000 bpd crude products meant for the four refineries.
The government cannot engage in these sharp practices and then turn around to point accusing fingers at oil thieves who cannot steal one barrel of crude oil without the active connivance of those in the corridors of power from the Niger Delta to Lagos and Abuja. The President of Nigeria and his cabinet cannot pretend to be innocent while these sharp practices of economic sabotage are going on before their very eyes. .

~ Nigerians Report

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