Friday, June 1, 2012

Email List Followers Are Better Than Friends On Facebook or Twitter

Most people think using Facebook or Twitter can help drive the most traffic & income to a blog...

Unfortunately, this isn't the case!

The #1 "Secret Weapon" of successful bloggers is...


Having an email newsletter to send articles to or to alert people that you've made a new blog post is 100 TIMES more effective than posting to Facebook, Twitter, or other Social Media sites.

Users respond more to emails than any other source.
It's the easiest way to drive people back to your blog, so they click more links and make you more money.

* You can also easily include affiliate links directly in your emails so you can get paid without people even going back to your blog!

And it's incredibly easy to build an email list of people that give you their permission to email them. You can setup a simple "Subscribe To My Newsletter" form
on the side bar on your blog or put it anywhere else on your site. It's really easy.

TIP: To maximize the number of people that will subscribe to your email newsletter just offer a special report or bonus articles about the topic you write about if they subscribe. For example...

Subscribe to my email newsletter and I'll immediately send you my Free Report: 'How To Grow Massive Tomatoes'

* Just a quick example if you had a gardening blog.

Everyday you aren't collecting email subscribers is money that you're losing! Heck, once you build up a list of thousands of people you could even shutdown your blog and still make a great income!

Because having an email list creates "Cash-On-Demand."

Anytime you want to generate some cash you can just mail an affiliate offer or promotion to your email list -- such as for an Amazon gardening book, etc.

By far the best service to use for building an Email List for bloggers is AWeber. AWeber is inexpensive to use and they handle EVERYTHING. You just add some simple
code that they will give you to your blog. Then you'll just login to your account to send out or preschedule messages. They even have an HTML email builder and other cool stuff to make it easy to profit from having your own email list.

* AWeber makes it easy to automatically send your new email subscribers a special report or pre-loaded messages like I mentioned above.

You can try AWeber today for just $1. You need to go right now and create an AWeber account and start collecting email subscribers for your blog! Don't wait and lose out on this additional income everyday that you aren't doing it.

Get AWeber Now For Just $1 By Clicking Here:

We'll be in touch soon with more tips to help you grow your blog traffic and income!

~ Pingoat Team

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